8 Ways To Fix Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Error

Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Error
Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Error

If you’re looking for a cleaning unit that will last you a couple of years without having the need to upgrade to a better device, then going with Bissell Crosswave might be the perfect choice for you.

The best thing about Bissell units is their easy maintenance. While there are several brands with better suction power, none can compare with the simple maintenance cycles brought forward by the Bissell units.

It will usually take less than ten minutes to get through the daily maintenance routine. However, if you still miss these maintenance cycles, then that will create problems like the dirty water tank not filling up.

So, if you’re in a similar situation and the dirty water tank error won’t go away in Bissell Crosswave, then here are some fixes for you. 

Bissell Crosswave Dirty Water Tank Error

  1. Empty Out The Tank

The simplest fix for almost all errors related to the dirty water tank is to empty out the compartment.

There might just be too much water in the unit, and the suction can reduce by a decent margin when there is no further space in the tank.

So, if you don’t empty out the dirty water tank on a regular basis, now might be a good time to check on your unit.

The majority of customers were able to address the dirty water tank error by following this simple method, and you would enjoy a similar benefit.

  1. Check Suction Power

The suction power might also be at fault here with the Bissell Crosswave dirty water tank.

If you’re not charging the cleaning unit properly or there is some obstruction blocking the intake, you won’t notice any additional water in the tank.

So, to narrow down this problem, just isolate the issue with the suction power and let the device charge for a few hours. If you’ve had the Bissell Crosswave unit for years, then the problem is likely related to a drained battery.

You need to further isolate the issue by getting a replacement, and most of the time, that will address all suction power issues. 

  1. Try Replacing Filters

At this point, you need to either rinse the filters or replace them entirely to streamline the water flow.

There is no debate that the installed filters are pretty great in Bissell units. However, you will still need to rinse them out after every week.

However, if the water tank seems to be especially dirty, it is a better idea to clean these filters twice every week.

If you’ve been using this unit for several months and the shape of the filter is a bit rough, it might be time to get a new one.

You can browse through the official Bissell Store to find a suitable replacement, and the professionals working on this brand will be more than happy to help you find the right fit.

  1. Clean Float Sensors

If you’re sure to make sure to engage the customer support experts at the tank is not filled up completely and the filters are in good shape, the problem might just be related to the dirty float sensors.

This situation is not that serious most of the time, and you can grab a fresh cloth to clean up the sensors.

Make sure that there is no gunk left on the sensors and that the tank itself is in good shape. Ideally, that will be enough to fix all sensor-related problems.

  1. Check For Cracks On This Tank

Most of the time, the problem with the dirty water tank will be fixed at this point.

However, if you’re dealing with hardware problems and your usage is a bit rough with Bissell, then it might be a better idea to get a new tank.

You can’t expect any performance consistently from the Bissell Crosswave unit when the tank is damaged, and the only reasonable fix here is to spend some money on a replacement.

The upside here is that the warranty will cover this issue if the purchase was recent and you got the damaged tank out of the parcel.

So, if you’ve been extremely careful with the device, just reach out to the dealer regarding the replacement policy, and he will guide you accordingly.

  1. Reset Your Device

It might be time for a quick reset as the issue is mainly related to programming when Bissell Crosswave hardware is in good shape.

So, if you can’t seem to figure out the exact portal, just reset your device to factory default. You will have to spend a few minutes setting up the device, but the dirty water tank problem will be fixed at this point.

  1. Readjust The Placement Of The Water Tank


Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of adjustment to get ahead of the error.

You can check the current situation of the tank by gently pulling on the tank. If the tank comes off pretty easily, then it was not installed properly in the first place.

You need to make sure that the clips on both sides are firmly engaged and that there is no wiggle room for the tank.

Even if the clips are tight, you can readjust the placement and then proceed with the cleaning cycle.

That should be enough to direct the dirty water flow towards the tank and address all complications with the dirty water tank error.

  1. Get Help From Customer Support

You need to further engage the experts from customer support to help you with this issue with the Bissell Crosswave unit.

Ideally, the situation won’t come to this point, and everything will start working once you empty out the tank and fix its adjustment on the main unit.

However, if you just can’t seem to narrow down the problem yourself. These progressions will guide you through each step of the troubleshooting process, and you won’t have to waste hours of your time.

Similarly, if the device is indeed defective and they can’t narrow down the problem either, then you can demand a replacement.

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