Apple Watch Not Working With August Smart Lock: 4 Fixes

august smart lock apple watch not working
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august smart lock apple watch not working

August Smart Locks are just the perfect thing for your safety and security as they are easily compatible with any application and device that you might want to use for your convenience. The August Smart Lock Application is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, all the iPhones and even Apple Watch that you might be using. The best part is that you don’t even need to carry the phone if you are wearing the watch and it will unlock the door for you. If you are unable to make this work, here are a few things that you need to do.

Apple Watch Not Working With August Smart Lock

1) Check Connectivity

You need to ensure that your apple watch has an active internet connection if you are not carrying your phone around and you are relying on the apple watch eSIM for connectivity. Basically, the application is on your phone and that is where all the encryption and decryption take place. So, if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection, you will not be able to unlock the door with your watch only unless you setup Alexa on your apple watch, and use Alexa to control your August smart lock.

2) Reinstall the application

Sometimes the issue is not with the connectivity, but the app might have an outdated version, or it might not be connected properly with your phone and the watch so you can have this problem. So, what you need to do in such cases is try a full reset and that will ensure that you can use the application and your iWatch to unlock the door without any issues.

To do that, you will need to uninstall the application on your phone and then you will need to turn off the phone and watch both. Afterward, turn the phone back on and the watch too. Once they are both on and connected again, you will need to try installing the application again. This will not only get you the latest version of application on your phone, but will also allow you to clear any errors that might be causing this problem and you will be able to use your iWatch for unlocking once again.

3) Check permissions

Apple has the option to restrict permissions for specific applications and devices so that they cannot access applications or resources. You need to make sure that your iWatch has the right permissions needed to access the network connections and the August Smart Application. You will need to check on the permissions for iWatch and August application both and make sure that there are no such issues that can cause you to have such issues with your iWatch.

4) Reset the Lock

Because Apple has such great optimization and compatibility, there might not be any issues with the iWatch and iPhone if you have tried all the steps above and the last thing that you need to do is reset the lock. The best way is to trigger an update through your August application and that would automatically download and install the latest firmware on your lock and also reset the lock to default settings.

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