August Smart Lock 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd Generation

august smart lock 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd generation
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august smart lock 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd generation

August Smart Lock is a great means for having your house stay safe and secure at all times. It comes with enhanced security features that ensure that your house will remain protected.

Apart from being incredibly secure, these devices are also made for your convenience. You have the ability to unlock these doors through your smartphone. You won’t even be needing a separate key for your locks, let alone the fear of dropping or forgetting it somewhere. Through these devices, you will never have to worry about locks anytime soon.

August Smart Lock 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd Generation

Although these smart locks have been readily available since a few years back, the lineup does get refreshed every now and then. Currently the August smart lock can be found in 3 different versions which are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation.

People often get confused on which one of these they should buy, considering how these are basically from the same brand. This is why we will be using today’s article in order to tell you which one of these you should buy. Before we do, let’s first take a look at exactly what is different between these generation of devices.

What Is So Different Between These Editions?

We have already mentioned above how these devices get refreshed every now and then. The main idea is to get customer feedback and make improvements on these devices.

Sometimes, we also get to experience completely new features. The problem is that a newer generation does not always make it worth upgrading, or even buying. However, the price is bound to increase with every newer generation. This is why most users tend to get confused when they have to decide which device to buy.

Now, let’s take a look at each one of the device’s features:

  1. Battery Life

Battery Life is one thing that was improved in all 3 generations with the 3rd one having the best one out of all three. The 1st gen of these devices did not have a good battery life. This does not mean that it was bad by any means.

It’s just that we have seen a significant improvement on the 3rd generation after all these years. Even the 2nd generation has a pretty amazing battery life for a smart lock.

  1. Design Changes

The first noticeable design change in these generation of devices is that the 1st one was pretty big. At the time, it wasn’t really considered that big. However, with the introduction of the 2nd generation of these devices, we saw as much as a 50% size reduction on this device.

Some other slight design changes were also made on these devices. A surprising thing about the 2nd generation is that it is actually smaller than the 3rd generation as well. But, considering how the 3rd generation has this big of a battery life, it is acceptable.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

This is where the 2nd generation of smart lock shines the brightest. It has a built-in Wi-Fi which requires no external bridge. This is one of the things which makes the 2nd generation so compelling against the others.

Unfortunately, even the 3rd generation requires you to have an external bridge. Having no external bridge means that you won’t be enjoying any Wi-Fi connectivity at all. So, before you go ahead and decide, we highly suggest you keep this aspect of the devices in mind. If this does not affect you much, you shouldn’t be having any problems with the issue at all.

  1. Easy to Setup and Install

One great thing about each one of these devices is that all of them are incredibly easy to set up and install. It should take you less than 10 minutes to install any of the 3 devices.

The only difference is that the 2nd generation smart lock is a lot smaller than the other two. This means that it will be able to easily fit inside small spots. But when it comes to the actual installation of these devices, there really isn’t much of a difference between them.

  1. Pricing

It goes without saying that with every newer generation of device, you will notice an increase in the pricing. The same can be said here. This is why most of the time, people get confused on whether they should spend the extra buck and go for the newer generation or not.

In either case, you will first have to determine all of the features that the newer generation brings. If they are up to your needs, then you should definitely go for it. So, before you start judging the prices, take a look at each one of their benefits.

  1. User Review

Before we give out our final review on the device, let’s take a look at what the users actually think about these devices. On further inspection, we can clearly see that most users prefer the 2nd or 3rd generation of these devices.

A reason for this is because the 1st generation had many issues. On the other hand, the 2nd generation smart locks made huge advancements which includes better and more compact design, significantly improved battery life, and much more! Overall, the 2nd generation smart locks had the best overall features with the 3rd one only having slight improvements which don’t really affect the experience.

The Bottom Line

Through this article, we have explained and compared the August Smart Lock 1st vs 2nd vs 3rd generation of devices. If you are thinking about buying any one of these devices, then we highly suggest you either consider the 2nd or 3rd generation of devices.

The final decision will depend on your liking and use. If you prefer better battery life and don’t care much about space, then the 3rd generation is probably for you. But if you want a cheaper, and more compact device that also does not need external bridge to connect to Wi-Fi, then 2nd generation of device is probably for you.

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