August Lock Wifi Keeps Turning on Android: 3 Fixes

august lock wifi keeps turning on android
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august lock wifi keeps turning on android

August Lock app is one of the best smart lock applications that has all the cool and modernistic features that make the experience whole lot better for you. One such feature is auto wi-fi on and you don’t even have to take the phone out of pocket when you reach home. You can schedule it to turn the wi-fi on around the time you reach home and it will turn it on automatically. If it keeps turning on randomly, here are a few things you need to do.

August Lock Wifi Keeps Turning on Android

1) Check scheduling options

The scheduling options have certain conditions such as you can set a specific time on them or you can also set the location so it can detect when you are near your home and turn on the Wi-Fi to have your door unlocked automatically. So, if you are facing some issues, you might need to check on the scheduling options and make sure that you don’t have any conditions that can randomly turn on the Wi-Fi on your Android phone. If you are unsure about that, try resetting these settings and then set them up again to have the perfect use of this cool feature on your phone.

2) Update the application

Sometimes, you can have the issue if your application is not up-to-date, or there are some other issues on your application that might be triggering the application falsely for any such conditions that can cause the Wi-Fi to be turned on. You will need to ensure that there are no such issues with the application that might be causing you these problems and that should be easy enough.

Luckily, the option is available for Android only, and Android has a feature that allows you to delete application data before you can uninstall it. So, you need to delete the data of your August application and then uninstall the application from your Android phone. After that, restart your phone once just to be sure and download the latest version of your application from the Play Store. This will allow you to set up the app again from scratch and you will not have to face the issue again once you have it updated correctly.

3) Disable Wi-Fi scheduling

Now, if you have tried everything above and still are unable to make it work, there can be some other issues with the phone hardware or software that might be causing the false triggers and Wi-Fi is turned on automatically. In such cases, you will have to bid farewell to this feature and disable the feature from your August lock application. You should not restrict Wi-Fi access to the application as that will stop the encryption part as well and you will not be able to unlock the door with your phone.

What you will need to do is turn of automatic access to the wi-fi in the August lock application and you will have to manually turn your Wi-Fi on every time you want to unlock the door.

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