How To Stop Bluetooth From Automatically Turning On in August Lock?

august lock how to stop bluetooth from automatically turning on
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august lock how to stop bluetooth from automatically turning on

August offers a series of smart home products that comes with fantastic features. Each one of these devices are aimed at providing customers with an excellent experience.

Whether you are looking for something innovative for your smart home, or something that will keep your house safe, August has the solution for you. They have a number of smart Wi-Fi locks which help ensure that your house stays safe at all times. What’s even better is that these locks can also be opened remotely through your phone. So, you won’t have to worry about losing the key to your lock ever again.

How To Stop Bluetooth From Automatically Turning On in August Lock?

Bluetooth is a crucial part of August smart locks. They help the users be able to take advantage of features such as auto unlock. The problem is that these smart locks automatically seem to connect to Bluetooth as soon as you set them up.

Some users have been quite annoyed by this feature. Unfortunately, there isn’t even an option to turn off this feature. That is why most users are wondering what they can do in order to turn off August lock from automatically connecting to Bluetooth.

Through this article, we will be giving you the necessary information that you need in order to turn off this annoying feature. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

How To Turn Off This Annoying Feature!

As we have already mentioned above, you can’t do much about the device automatically turning on Bluetooth. However, what you can do is to limit the Bluetooth usage so it does not need to connect that often. Some of the ways on how you can achieve this are:

  1. Turn Off Auto Unlock

Auto unlock is a feature in August smart lock that helps you automatically unlock your door once you reach close to them. This is achieved through your phone’s Bluetooth connecting to your smart lock’s Bluetooth. Basically, once your phone is in range, it will connect to your smart lock through Bluetooth and unlock the door for you.

This is why we suggest you turn this off. Doing so will limit the usage of Bluetooth, and eliminating the need of connecting to Bluetooth that often.

  1. Turn Off Background Data

This is kind of self-explanatory as it will do exactly what it says. By turning off background data in your phone’s app settings, you will be able to close background processes of the app.

  1. User 3rd Party Apps to Automatically Turn Off Bluetooth

The last thing you can do is to use a 3rd party app like Tasker. You may need to root your phone in order to achieve this. Simply put, you will have to make a rule where your phone will automatically turn off Bluetooth after a set period of time.


This draft was written in order to explain to you how to stop August Lock Bluetooth feature from automatically turning on. There is a workaround on how you can minimize this, but there really isn’t an option to directly turn it off.

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