Amazon Echo Simon Says With And Without Remote

Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote
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Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote

There are certain things that Alexa can do, but there are also some restrictions with that. You will need to install certain skills to make those things possible and that is a great advantage of having an Alexa enabled device such as Amazon Echo. These skills will enhance the fun that you can manage on an Alexa enabled device at your home or office and you are going to enjoy the experience with these additional skills that you might have installed on your Amazon Echo.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a game that you can install on Alexa. It is a special skill that is not already there but you will need to add it to your account. It is quite fun to have for house parties or killing some boredom. The rules are pretty simple, once the game is on, you will need to follow the instruction that Alexa gives you.

The interesting part is that you will only need to follow the instruction that starts with “Simon Says”. So, Alexa will eventually be giving out tasks that may or may not start with Simon Says.  You will only need to follow the tasks starting with the phrase and ignore the others. Anyone who fails to perform the task or tries anything that doesn’t start with the phrase “Simon Says” loses the game. The last person to stay in the game is the winner.

To initiate the game, you will need to say “Alexa, Start Simon Says” and the game will begin. Once you have completed the task, you can say “next”, and to stop the game, you will need to say “Alexa, Stop”.

Amazon Echo Simon Says Remote

Now, imagine you have to go out to some other room to perform a task and that can be quite a hassle as you need to follow all the instructions that are being given by the echo speaker device. You wished that there was a remote, and you have it. The remote allows you to trigger those responses or commands that you might want Echo to process during the game. You are going to need the remote for the game and this would make the whole thing a lot more fun and exciting for you. So, just start with the game and you are going to love how it turns out for you.

Without Remote

If you don’t have a remote or looking for a mod that allows you to play the game without having a remote, that is not possible at the moment. The only way for you is to carry the Amazon Echo device around the house and that is not much hassle. The device is easy to move around and set up and you are not going to have any issues there. It would be better if you have Echo dot devices as they are compact and easy to carry around the house without having any sort of hassle or issues like that at all.

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