4 Ways To Fix SmartThings Isn’t Responding With Alexa

alexa smartthings isn't responding
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alexa smartthings isn’t responding

A wide range of smart devices can be linked with the SmartThings hub. It is inexpensive, which is why the majority of customers choose this automation hub. However, if you browse community forums then you’ll find customers complaining quite often about issues with their smart hub.

One of those issues is that customers keep running into errors whenever they try to connect SmartThings with Alexa. A lot of probable causes can lead to this error, which is why we will be listing some solutions for this specific issue.

How to Fix SmartThings Isn’t Responding With Alexa?

  1. Reinstall Alexa

Customers complained about their SmartThings devices working just fine when they try to use it from the SmartThings mobile app but show as unresponsive as soon as they open up the Alexa mobile application. The majority of times, this issue relates to a bug in your Alexa application which is why your devices are unresponsive.

Before you go ahead and reinstall the application, we suggest that you first try force closing the application from the app settings. You also have to option of clearing the application data as a whole. If the issue remains then you can go ahead and reinstall the application from the App store. After that log into your Amazon account and try using SmartThings devices.

  1. Add Devices Again

Even after reinstalling the application if you’re not able to get your SmartThings devices working then you should try removing all the malfunctioning devices. After that, you can add them again to the Alexa application and then try issuing voice commands.

Some users also stated that they were able to get the problem sorted out by just removing the SmartThings Skill from the Alexa application and then adding it again. The process is quite simple and has a high probability of fixing the given error. You should also make sure that you’re using the newer version of the skill on your Alexa app if you want to keep using your SmartThings devices.

  1. Check Network

If you’re in a situation where the smart devices won’t work with the SmartThings app as well as the Alexa app then this issue can be related to a poor connection. If your SmartThings devices can’t connect to a stable network then they will show up as unresponsive on your mobile app.

We suggest that you reboot your router to refresh the network connection and then try using the device again. Sometimes, it is even better if you can physically move your router closer to the smart device.

  1. SmartThings Team

At this point, if the devices are still malfunctioning then you need to ask the SmartThings support team for guidance. Most users mentioned that this issue was related to the SmartThings side while the Alexa application was working just fine. So, if you believe that your issue is unique then your best bet is to ask the SmartThings team for support. They can help you with a ton of troubleshooting methods that increase the probability of customers fixing their issues.

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