How To Use Alexa To Send Message To Another Room

alexa send message to another room
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alexa send message to another room

Echo smart speakers can be very helpful in reminding you of important tasks. Alexa can also provide you with weather updates and so much more. You can easily integrate this voice assistant into your life. There are just so many features that you can utilize.

Alexa can get you the news, play music, manage routines, and set alarms for you. The only thing that you need to do is issue the voice command and Alexa will take care of the rest. Let us discuss, is it possible to send messages from one room to another using the smart speakers.

Alexa Send Message To Another Room

The newly added intercom feature to Alexa makes it possible for the customers to send messages from one room to another. Yes, you can hear what is going on in other rooms as long as there is an echo device available in the room that you’re trying to connect to. Once you’ve met this requirement then you can easily use the voice command to ask Alexa to send messages to another room in your apartment.

The voice command that you need to use is “Drop IN”. After the voice command is issued you need to specify the name of the device you’re trying to send messages to. For instance, you can say Alexa Drop-In in the Living room. After the voice command is issued, it might take Alexa a few seconds and now you’ll be able to hear everything that is going on in the specified room.

Consequently, the device in the other room will also be able to hear everything going on in your room. Now you can simply speak and people in that room will be able to hear you without any issue. This feature is like a simple phone call, except you don’t have to worry about paying data charges.

After you’re finished talking then to terminate the connection you can just ask Alexa to hang up. So, after your message is delivered you need to manually terminate the connection. When the devices are connected, you will notice the LED indicator on your Amazon Echo devices will turn green. That will enable you to identify whether or not your Echo is currently broadcasting to some other room. This indicator will ensure that no one else listens to your private conversations.

To Conclude

If you set up multiple Echo devices in different rooms of your apartment then you can easily send and receive messages by using the intercom feature. Using the voice command you can initiate and terminate the connection. Your Echo device will notify you when someone from another room is trying to send a message.

After the connection is secured you’ll be able to hear everything going on in that room and vice versa. That way you can communicate by just using the Echo smart speakers. After you’re done talking just ask Alexa to hang up and that will terminate the call. As long as you’re able to see the green LED indicator then that means the intercom feature is active.

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