3 Ways To Fix Yeelight LED Too Bright

yeelight led too bright
yeelight led too bright

Yeelight is a popular smart home company that is known for providing users with plenty of different options on how they can light up their houses. They are known for selling a wide variety of light bulbs, with each one of them featuring smart features.

How to Fix Yeelight LED Too Bright?

Quite a number of users have been asking about experiencing issues with their light bulbs. These users mentioned how their Yeelight LED is too bright. What’s worse is that they have no idea about what’s causing this and how they can fix it.

If you are also someone who is currently facing a similar problem, then this article has got you covered. Through this article, we will be giving you a list of ways on how you can fix this issue for good. Here are all of them mentioned down below:

  1. Try Using the Color Temperature Mode

Most users who were facing this issue mentioned how they were no longer experiencing it as soon as they turned the bulb to color temperature mode. According to them, the issue is most usually due to a firmware update.

Hence, we recommend that you do the same thing here and try using the bulb in color temperature mode to see if that has any effect. You can also check the actual brightness level from the application that you have installed on your phone to control Yeelight bulbs.

  1. Try Changing the Firmware Version of the Bulb

As already mentioned above, the issue is because of a faulty firmware that you have installed on your bulb. Due to this, you will have to change the firmware version of the bulb in order to fix the issue.

You should be able to get the firmware from the official forum site of Yeelight. You will need to download the firmware as well as install them on your bulb.

  1. Contact Customer Support

In case you haven’t found any luck with fixing the issue, then you should most definitely try contacting customer support. Contacting support will let the team take a look at your matter and let you know about the reason why you are facing such an issue.

Likewise, they will also recommend further troubleshooting steps on how you can fix this issue. Whatever the issue is, they will help you get to the root of it.

The Bottom Line

Are you experiencing an issue where Yeelight LED is too bright? We highly suggest following the 3 troubleshooting steps that we have mentioned in this article. Be sure to follow all the guidelines that we have mentioned in this article for a quick and easy fix to the problem!

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