Withings Home Vs Canary (Differences Between Withings Home And Canary)

Withings Home Vs Canary
Withings Home Vs Canary

We are in a highly competitive and innovative era of technology. There are numerous things that are going around and we always want the best for us. Smart home security systems are one such gift of technology that has become an important part of our lives. They don’t only bring us a sense of safety and security but are also a great way to have convenience along with all that. That is why there are tons of options out there for you to choose the right home security system for you.

These systems vary by quality, specifications, technologies, pricing, and features. Withings home and Canary are two such systems that fair pretty good in terms of both quality, and features. However, there are slight differences among them that make you wonder which one would be the perfect choice for you to have for your home.

You cannot have enough research and the more you know about a home security system, the better decision you can make. Here are some details that would help you make the right decision based on your needs and requirements for your home security system.

Withings Home Vs Canary

Withings Home

To start with the design, Withings home is just the size of your table clock. It can be placed anywhere conveniently. The build quality is simply perfect on this one and it gives out the feel of well-built just by having a look at it. The camera is placed in the center with sensors embedded over it.

To mix it with your home interior, it is designed with a wooden pattern on it that would make it blend perfectly on any shelf that you might want to place it on. Not only that, but there is also a well-designed LED section at the bottom that would light up in different colors to notify you about different alerts.

The best thing that you can get out of this phenomenal design is that camera can be rotated to whole 360 degrees so there would be no issue for you at all. It has all the essential ports such as Ethernet, power, and HDMI ports at the back offering you a cleaner and sophisticated look at the front with the right cable management.

Moving forward on the features, this would be just the perfect thing for you to have if you are looking for a baby monitor or have kids at home. It offers a night mode that allows you to record and monitor your kids while they are sleeping. It also has a lullaby mode that would help you put your kids to sleep. The two-way speaker also allows you to communicate through your app with the people around your home.

There are some highly efficient sensors on it as well such as air quality sensors, volatile organic compound sensors, and more to ensure the safety of all the residents. The only catch you get on this one is that its motion sensors are over-sensitive and there is no way for you to control the sensitivity on them.


Canary is another cool option that you can get to place at your home. If you compare the design factor, while Withings home has a traditional wooden finish to it, Canary gives out the futuristic look of a high-tech gadget. This way, you can place it on some table with your electronics and it wouldn’t stand out. The build quality is pretty good on this one with blacks and white stripes and the best part is that due to a shiny black finish, it is hard for anyone to spot a camera lens hidden underneath.

Speaking of the features, it got excellent video quality and a pretty decent notifications system. It can monitor the Air quality and have all the necessary alarms that you might need. The night mode is not that great, but it is not something that you would complain about if you start using this camera.

The only catch that you are going to feel on this system is it does not have any local storage and cannot be connected with external either so you will have to pay for cloud-based storage options. Moreover, it does not support IFTTT so you will not want to choose this if your smart home system is IFTTT one.

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