Is Wink Relay Discontinued? (Explained)

wink relay discontinued
wink relay discontinued

Usually, people have to switch their lights, fans, and other outlets on and off through the buttons. Though, with the release of smart home products, the process has now been made much easier. You can easily purchase these from many companies which will then allow you to connect all of your appliances to a single hub.

These can then be controlled from the hub and you can even give commands from your mobile phone. These make it much easier for the users to control their light switches and takes out the hassle of having to manually press them for them to function. The features for these products might vary depending on the company that you decide to get them from but the functionality should be the same.

Wink Relay Discontinued

Wink is a famous company that is mainly known for its smart home products. All of these can be connected which can then be controlled from any device that has their application. One of the most used products from the brand is their Wink Relay. This is a touch display that you can install in your home and then connect to your internet connection.

People are then given the option to control all their devices through the display screen as long as the network is connected successfully. The company has recently discontinued the Wink Relay which due to which a lot of questions have arisen. Though, you should note that the company did not find any benefits from the product any longer that is why they decided to discontinue it.

Most of the functions that it can provide you with have already been implemented in other products from the brand. You can now even connect your appliances to any voice assistant that you own and then control them through it.

The process to set them up is also easy and even if you have trouble then there are several guides given online that should help you out. If you are interested in going through more information about why the product has stopped manufacturing then you can visit the forums for Wink.

There might still be some stores that have this device available at the time but you should note that once all of these are sold out. It will almost be impossible to purchase them again.

Will Your Old Wink Relay Function?

For people who were wondering if the Wink Relay they had will still function. The answer for it is ‘yes’. Your Wind Relay device should work perfectly fine even now and there should be no issues with it. The company has even decided to push out new updates for these devices that you can install on them.

These will add in more options for you to control the system. As well as fixing any problems that could be found on the device before. Considering this, you must keep the Wink Relay updated to its latest firmware version at all times. You can even switch on the option for automatic updates on it through its settings.

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