4 Ways To Fix WeMo Rule Cannot Be Saved

WeMo Rule Cannot Be Saved
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WeMo Rule Cannot Be Saved

WeMo is a company known for offering products for your smart home. They offer you a simple and convenient way of living in your smart home. From providing smart light dimmers to smart plugs, WeMo has a way of making your life a lot easier through their devices.

Through their smart dimmers, you can dim every single one of your lights. You can perform this action remotely through the app, or directly with your voice. You can also set up schedules, and timers according to your needs.

How To Fix WeMo Rule Cannot Be Saved?

Certain users are facing an issue with their WeMo app and devices. Most of them have mentioned that their rule cannot be saved on the WeMo app. The thing is that they don’t have any idea why they are facing such an issue.

If you are also someone who is facing the same issue, then you have come to the right place! Using this article, we will be listing a number of troubleshooting steps that should help you resolve the issue. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

  1. Reset All of Your Devices

The very first thing you can try in order to troubleshoot this problem is to simply try resetting. We have to clear all of the previous rules so that we can make sure that there really isn’t an issue with any of the previous rules that are causing this.

However, to do this, you will have to manually reset each and every one of your devices. Once you have reset all the WeMo devices in your house, simply try setting new rules.

  1. Reinstall WeMo App

Another thing that may help resolve the issue is to reinstall the app. Just to be sure that you completely remove the application, reboot your phone after you uninstall the app. Also, download and install the latest public version of the WeMo app.

  1. Additional Troubleshooting

There could be an ongoing issue with your home network. In order to confirm this, you will have to browse the internet and run a few speed tests. If your internet isn’t working like it should contact your ISP.

Also, try changing the device (smartphone) that you are using to set up the app. It is possible that your phone could be the reason for the error.

  1. Contact Support

If none of the above steps seem to resolve your issue then your last option would be to contact customer support. A professional from the WeMo’s support team should handle the matter and help you as much as he can. Be sure to cooperate with him every time he needs something.

The Bottom Line

Are you experiencing a problem where rule cannot be saved using the WeMo app? By simply following the instructions that are written in this article, you can easily resolve the issue.

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