6 Solutions For TreatLife Alexa Not Working

treatlife alexa not working
treatlife alexa not working

The TreatLife smart systems can often run into functionality-related issues, and the device is unresponsive to the user input. Usually, these issues are related to the Alexa automation assistant, and there have been several reports of customers complaining about TreatLife not working with Alexa.

This can be pretty annoying when your whole smart system is synced up with the Alexa assistant. Luckily, all hope is not lost, and you can go through a variety of troubleshooting steps to get the TreatLife system working with Alexa.

So, if you’re also stuck in the same situation with TreatLife Alexa Not Working, the following list of solutions will help you isolate and fix the problem.

What To Do When TreatLife Alexa Is Not Working

  1. Restart Modem

When the TreatLife system doesn’t work with Alexa, you will need to check the quality of the internet connection and try restarting the modem to isolate the issue. There is a good chance that you’re just dealing with connectivity errors, and there is nothing wrong with the automation features. For this reason, you should simply restart the model and test out the features of your smart application.

All you need to do is to remove power from the modem for around ten seconds and then connect the power adapter again. After the modem reboots, you can try to access the TreatLife features again, and it will work perfectly with your app.

  1. Check App Version

The version of the application also has a role to play in the automation features offered by Alexa. You won’t be able to struggle with the voice control features when the app version is outdated, and you will need to update it to the latest version to avoid responsiveness issues.

On the other hand, if you’ve just recently updated the app and it started running into these issues, then resetting the app is the only real solution. Just clear up the stored cache and try using the automation features again.

  1. Power Cycle Your Smart System

The TreatLife devices can also be the reason behind this situation with Alexa not working. So, there is no harm in power cycling your smart devices if you want to avoid the same functionality-related issues. Just remove the power from the smart system for a few minutes and then turn the devices on. Now, you should try reissuing the voice control commands and test the response from the devices.

  1. Add Skill Again

Sometimes, you will need to remove the current skills from the application and then add them again to get the devices working again. So, open up the Alexa application and remove the TreatLife skill from the application. After that is done, you should hard reboot your phone and then relaunch the Alexa application.

At this stage, you can browse through the skill store and install the TreatLife skill again. This will only take a second, and once the skill is installed, you can move forward with the configurations. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same issue after reinstalling the skill.

  1. Check Command Configurations

The command configurations on your Alexa unit can also impact the functionality of the TreatLife devices. You should try to switch up the command phrase and use a different phrase to engage the smart device. Make sure the updated command is not used for any other device and can be clearly recognized by Alexa. It will take a bit of time to get used to the new command, but there is a decent chance that you won’t have to bother with the same functionality-related issues when using the TreatLife skill.

  1. Contact Amazon Support

Reaching out to Amazon support is the next thing that you need to consider when the Alexa controls are not working with TreatLife. There is a chance that you’re just running into server-related issues, but you will still need to contact Amazon support to be sure about the issue. Make sure to inform the customer support members about all the methods you’ve tried so far, and they will help you narrow down on possible fixes.

Hopefully, the professionals at customer support will help you narrow down the issue and save your time in the troubleshooting process. So, make sure to reach out through a support ticket and seek their help.

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  1. Alexa stopped, recognizing my treatlife commands I have tried everything from deleting everything and re-adding all devices of treat life . on the treat like app, it will manually command the fan and fan light. And the Alexa app it will follow manual commands also.


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