Compare: Nvidia Shield SmartThings Link Vs Samsung SmartThings Hub

SmartThings Link Vs Samsung SmartThings Hub
SmartThings Link Vs Samsung SmartThings Hub

SmartThings is a great series of products by Samsung. They act as a wonder for turning your ordinary home into a smart one. You are able to add smartness to your home appliances using SmartThings. You are offered complete control over your smart products using an app installed on your smartphone. SmartThings is fully compatible and works with plenty of devices. All you need to do is to connect them with your SmartThings and get started. In simple words, SmartThings allows users to live a convenient life in their very own smart home.

SmartThings Link Vs Samsung SmartThings Hub

This is a common comparison that users tend to make on the internet. Both can act very similarly which can confuse plenty of users on which one should they spend their bucks on. Hence, it is crucial to know the difference between these devices.

Likewise, this article will help you determine all the differences between Nvidia Shield SmartThings Link vs Samsung SmartThings Hub. By reading this article, you will be able to know which one is the better option for you, and which one of these you should avoid buying. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

  1. Functionality

The first thing that you should know about both these devices is how they function. In practice, they have pretty much the same functionality. For instance, Samsung’s SmartThings Hub is used as the main hub for your smart home that is able to control all of your smart appliances.

In the same way, Nvidia’s SmartThings Link does exactly the same thing and acts as a hub for your smart home. So, there is barely any difference between the two when it comes to functionality. If this is all you care about, then you can pick either one of the two.

  1. Size and Design

For those who are looking for aesthetics along with functionality should know that both devices design actually differs a lot. Samsung’s SmartThings features a pretty simple design and makes sure there’s nothing too fancy about it.

Nvidia’s SmartThings Link, however, has a completely different design. Apart from looking incredibly sexy and compact, the size of Nvidia Shield SmartThings Link is actually a lot smaller than Samsung SmartThings Hub. Also, keep in mind that the SmartThings Link does pretty much the same thing as SmartThings Hub, but is a lot more compact and smaller in size.

  1. Use and Convenience

Both SmartThings Hub and Link are incredibly easy and convenient to use and setup. However, there’s a slight turnoff about Nvidia’s SmartThings Link which is that it does not come with any backup battery feature.

On the other hand, despite its bigger size, Samsung’s SmartThings Hub still packs in a backup battery which can prove to be convenient for plenty of users. In case of a power outbreak, Nvidia’s SmartThings Link won’t have any backup battery that will help the hub keep running in your smart home.

Another thing to mention is that Nvidia’s SmartThings Link won’t run any automated routines. Also, the SmartThings Link does not support as many local devices. For example, it might fail to run with some local cameras. Although not by a huge margin, Nvidia’s SmartThings Link does seem to fall short here.


Comparing Nvidia Shield SmartThings Link vs Samsung SmartThings Hub, both are a solid device that acts as the main hub for your smart home. Both of these are also really easy and simple to setup. There are only a few slight things that differentiate one from the other.

Our recommendation here is to choose whichever suits you the best. You won’t be disappointed by using any one of the two. The SmartThings Link will take a lot less space, and comes with better design, whereas the Samsung SmartThings Hub tops SmartThings Link in some rare scenarios. Anyhow, there won’t be a wrong decision here as both will give you a great experience with your smart home.

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