Smart Life App Review 2021: Good Enough?

Smart Life App Review
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Smart Life App Review

Tired of living home in an unorderly manner? Well, ‘Smart Life’ is the perfect home app for you. This Smart Life app provides an extraordinary, hands-on experience with your smart home appliances, including smart plugs, smart lights, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc. The only condition that should be fulfilled is that the smart devices of your home should be connected to the app and you will be able to build automation tasks for your smart devices like turning on the living room light when you are back home. It does enhance your home management and makes your life much more leisurely and pleasant.

Similar to what we have seen in the market so far, Smart Life resonates with customers who previously have used Google’s Next device and its accompanying app, or more relevantly, Apple’s Home app. The home app is responsible for connecting to a wide variety of smart home devices and appliances available at one’s home. Rather than scroll through a plethora of companion apps, the Smart Life app, just like Apple’s Home app, allows its users to control their entire home from the ease and comfort of one single app. So you can use it to not only turn on and off certain devices across your home, but also be able to play around with the different settings of the devices.

Smart Life App Review

To best review this app, it’s worthwhile to spend the majority of the article reviewing and even repeating the devices which can work with the Smart Life app. It is one of the best applications that are universal to most of the smart home appliances out there. It allows you to have the right control over any device that you might be using.

The controls include scheduling, checking the intensity, and all the other cool features that might be available on the smart appliance that you can possibly have for your home, office, or any other place of your choice. The interface is also user-friendly and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this application. Anyone with a basic understanding of these smart appliances can make the best of this app and use it according to their own preference.

The application also has a grouping option on it and that allows you to group a certain set of appliances and that way you can turn them on or off with a single tap on your screen. You get smart plugs and outlets as well with the app that are fully compatible and all the electronic appliances are just a tap away.

Smart Wi-Fi ceiling fan switch compatible with Smart Life. The front panel of this switch features a high-quality crystal glass, with scratch and humidity resistance and with more excellent performance and a more sensitive touch. It also has an LED indicator so that the user can find the position of the switch easily in darkness. No voice when you turn lights on/off. This keeps your home or office in silence.

Even smart LED lights happen to be completely compatible with Smart Life. These have a full-color capability allowing customized light settings from thousands of colors for any ambiance or mood. It is also fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a power capacity equal to 70 watts and a warm white light which is guaranteed to make you feel better and more productive. If that wasn’t enough, the Smart Life app is completely compatible with Humidifier. Examples of these include humidifiers from Zemismart and Oittm 3L Ultrasonic WI-FI Smart Humidifier.

There are a number of switches that are compatible with Smart Life, notable examples of which have been outlined below. With Oittm Smart Life switch instantly turns on/off your appliances with your smartphone or tablet. Add as many smart switches and keep track of multiple appliances. Smart Life Switch, Gosund lets you set schedules for lights without a hub. It is also compatible with IFTTT, which allows you to create recipes to integrate lots of services and products. It also lets you control light switches through an app or voice anywhere.

Lesim Smart Light Single Switch is available in single and 2 gang switch and has remote control lighting with timers. You can also create scenes to quickly control multiple accessories. Maxcio Smart Life Wi-Fi light switch is compatible with the Smart Life App. Turn lights on/off at preset times while you are away/ back home. It also features an Anti-Thief Away mode.

Keen Wi-Fi roof fan switch viables with Smart Life. The front board of this switch includes a top-notch gem glass, with scratch and mugginess obstruction and with more incredible execution and a more delicate touch. It additionally has a LED marker with the goal that the client can discover the situation of the switch effectively in the dimness. No voice when you turn lights on/off. This keeps your home or office peacefully.

One of the coolest features that you get to enjoy on the smart life app is its compatibility with the Smart home assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant. This way, you will not even need to tap on your smartphone but you can make it work using voice commands and have compatibility, no matter wherever you go since Alexa has the option to have access on all the devices no matter where they are if you have synced them up.

In addition to all that, the setup process is even simpler and all you are going to need is a skill for Alexa that is “Smart Life” skill and once you have it enabled, you can simply use it with your Alexa account and device that you might be using already and you can control all the appliances and features on your Smart Life Application seamlessly.

To put it in simpler words, there are no other applications out there that can match the universal compatibility with most major smart home appliances and brands available in the market, and with the Smart Life App, you get to have the chance at the truly smart experience with better optimization across all the devices, platforms and even multiple platforms such as Android, iOS or Amazon. This is the most seamless solution that you have to get a chance at a smart home experience.

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