2 Ways To Fix Sensi Thermostat Already Registered

Sensi Thermostat Already Registered
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Sensi Thermostat Already Registered

Sensi is a famous company that provides smart home solutions to its customers. They have plenty of smart thermostat products available, which are widely used by their customers. Having a thermostat is crucial for smart homes these days, but a smart thermostat makes things even better. Sensi thermostat gives you the option of having complete control through your smartphone.

Although every smart thermostat can pull that off, what makes Sensi smart thermostat so special is it’s an easy and simple DIY installation and high-quality product. Not to mention the thermostat comes with an excellent backlight feature.

Sensi Thermostat Already Registered

Many users have faced this error while trying to use their smart thermostat. Although we wouldn’t really call it an error or an issue. We have seen this mostly occur due to a person moving to a new house where the previous owner forgets to log out of his smart thermostat.

The problem starts here as to add your own account, you need to log out of the previous account registered in the smart thermostat.

Luckily, there are some simple and easy ways you can fix the prompt “Sensi Thermostat Already Registered”. We have listed these ways down below:

  1. Contacting the Previous Owner

If you’re someone with a similar situation where you have moved to another house and the previous owner forgets to log out of his smart thermostat. The first thing you should do is to contact the previous owner and ask him to delete the device using their Sensi app.

  1. Contacting Sensi’s Support Team

You can contact Sensi’s customer support using mail. Before writing a mail, you need to take a picture of your thermostat’s MAC ID to their support team. Send the mail at [email protected]. Remember to select the subject line as “Unregister my Thermostat”.

To determine the MAC ID of your thermostat, simply look at the back of your thermostat, on the face plate.

Removing Thermostat from Your Own Account

Although we have told you what you need to do if you someone else’s registered on your smart thermostat. What if you need to log out of your own account from a smart thermostat? You can do so by following the procedure mentioned below:

  • Open Your Sensi App from your smartphone
  • Simply tap on the thermostat name you want to remove
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on “About thermostat”
  • Scroll down until you locate the “Remove Thermostat” option. Tap on the option.
  • Your account has been finally removed from the thermostat.
  • You can set up another account on your thermostat if you want to now


These were the ways how you can fix Sensi Thermostat already registered. Using these ways, you can finally unregister an account and add in your own account in the smart thermostat, to have full control over it. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully.

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