Savant vs Control4: Which Is The Better Smart Home System?

savant vs control4
savant vs control4

One of the biggest comforts that we have in our homes today is a smart automation system.

Not only has it made our houses smarter, but it has also made them capable to do a lot more. For instance, you can have complete remote control over every single one of your devices.

This means that you can easily control the state of your appliances while being away from the house! All you need is a smartphone through which you can install the required application.

While some people do argue that handling a smart system is complemented, we can all agree that the utility offered by the smart security system is much higher than the hassle it takes to set them up.

So, instead of only looking at the downside and the hassle, try to consider the positives.

Savant vs Control4

Today, smart homes have become more of a necessity. However, with so many options to choose from, it is only logical to get confused.

We have seen an awful lot of users getting clueless on which brand they should go for. In this regard, Savant and Control4 are some great options that people often end up comparing.

If you are also someone who has no idea which of the two should you go for, then this article is for you! Through the article, we will be comparing Savant vs Control4 in order to help you make a better decision on your purchase.

So, without wasting any more time further, let’s get right into it!

Specifics Savant Control4
Interface Detailed Simple
Controls Exceptional Exceptional
Security Moderate Extensive
Pricing Slightly Premium Affordable

The general sentiment on the Savant and Control4 system is pretty amazing, with owners behind the Savant system. The premium pricing and the detailed interface offered by Savant has captured a massive portion of the market.

This doesn’t mean that the support behind Control4 is subpar, instead, the owners with a more extensive budget will go with the Savant system to get a better control on their devices.

While we will not debate the fact that the value offered by Control4 is much better than Savant, it still lacks some utility. 

On the other hand, if you’re short on the budget side of things and don’t care that much about one or two features, then going with the Control4 system is not that bad an idea.

Everything will mostly boil down to what you’re planning on spending on either one of these systems.

If you’re not that worried about the investment side of things, then going with the more expensive system like Savant is the better idea. It offers comprehensive coverage, and you will not have to spend as much on this system. 


Similarly, if you’re not planning on going overboard with the purchase, then we will say that you stick with the Control4. It is not necessarily a bad unit, and some of these features are even better (like the controls spanning over to the electric locks). 

Just figure out the budget, the features you’re aiming for, and the existing smart system that is installed in your home.

These points should be enough to help you figure out whether Savant or Control4 is better for you. Also test out the details listed here, and you’ll have a better idea of the purchase.

  1. UI (User Interface):

In any smart home system, you will be using a smart application most of the time. Through the smart app, you can easily control what your appliances should be doing.

This is why UI is unarguably one of the most important things to consider when you’re out deciding on a smart home system.

While both Savant and Control4 offer a simple UI, you will notice they are completely different from the other.

To be more specific, Savant offers a more graphical UI where you will be shown various images, ultimately representing the specific scene that you wish to create.

control 4

On the other hand, Control4’s UI focuses more on being easy-to-use. The UI features various icons which showcase the different functionalities that you can perform.

Even if you are a complete beginner having no idea about smart homes, you should have no problem using the device’s interface.

  1. Lighting Control

If you have used a smart home system before, you should have an idea of how important it is to be able to control all the lights in the house.

In fact, the most used feature in any smart home is to control all the lights in the house. However, certain smart home systems only give limited control over the lights.

Luckily, both Savant and Control4 are perfect when it comes to lighting control. You can easily automate and create different scenes in the house.

Not only that, but you can also set up reminders for the lights to create different scenes for going to bed, eating dinner, or even as a signal to wake up!

However, do keep in mind that before you can use these features, you should have smart lights that come equipped with these features.

  1. Audio and Music Control

Another crucial part of any smart home system is the ability to stream music in the house.


However, you can use even a speaker to play specific music all over the house. What makes a smart home so different is that individuals can play their favorite songs in the spaces in which they are currently.

In case you were wondering, both the systems fully support the use of Spotify. Apart from that, the Savant smart system features Pandora and Deezer which comes as a built-in option.

Compared to it, Control4 has iHeartRadio, Napster, TuneIn, Tidal, and Qobuz.

If you’re a music addict, you should not have problems with going for either one of the devices.


There’s no doubt that the most important part of any smart home system is the added security benefits that it gives. By using a smart home system, you should be able to remotely control the state of your security system.

Fortunately, Control4 and Savant both offer plenty of additional security options. Using either one of the systems, you can integrate them with locks, electronic doors, and even security cameras.

Though when it boils down to pure security features, Control4 has an edge over the Savant as it features more electronic locks.

Temperature Control

temperature check

One of the most popular devices to use with smart systems are the smart thermostat. While individuals can easily control and regulate the temperature of their house, they also help in saving energy and money.

On top of that, smart thermostats also allow users to have complete control over the HVAC system regardless of whether they are inside or outside the house.

While it is generally better to go for devices like Nest as they can operate on particular systems, both Savant and Control4 should be able to do the job just fine.

  1. Price Point

The final deciding factor for most users when they are out purchasing a system is its price. Even though both Savant and Control4 aren’t that far off, you should find Control4 to be a bit less expensive.

In case you were looking at the products purely on the budget side, then Control4 should be a better option for you.

  1. Dealer Support

When it comes to the warranty side of things and the support from the dealer, you will be glad to know that your purchase is completely covered.

You will not have to worry about dealing with hardware issues with either the Savant or the Control4 system.


If you do come across any issues, then all that you gotta do is to call the dealer.

He will make your life much easier and will help you with a fresh replacement (if your claim is valid that is). Hopefully, you will not have to hassle as much with the security system.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing Savant vs Control4, both are exceptional smart home systems that should provide you with a bunch of benefits.

However, when it comes to deciding between the two systems, you should be fine by going with either one of them.

Though it is important to note that if budget and security are the deciding factors for you, then Control4 should prove to be a better purchase.

Apart from that, you should also look at what each system is more compatible with. This will help you give a better perspective on which device you should be buying.

One last thing that we will say is that you also consult an expert. Figuring out the right unit is no easy task and having an expert to help you out will only make your life easier.

All that you gotta do is to explain your requirements and the budget that you’re willing to spend. 

From there, you can follow along with the experts as they list the reasons why Savant or Control4 will be better for your home.

There is no need to hesitate, and asking an official is a much better idea as you’re trying to sort out the errors.

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