No Module Named Googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers (4 Fixes)

no module named googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers
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no module named googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers

Google Assistant makes it possible for users to control their smart devices more efficiently. There are thousands of devices that you can link with your Google Assistant. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues unless you’re buying something totally off-brand. This is why it is highly recommended that you use Google Assistant if you want to make your home smarter.

However, recently users have mentioned that they are having difficulty finding the googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers module. In this article, we will go over some fixes you can use to sort out this particular issue.

How to Fix No Module Named Googlesamples.assistant.auth_helpers

  1. Configurations

The first thing you should do is configure all of your settings mentioned below. All you have to do is first input

  • pip install –upgrade google-api-python-client
  • pip install –upgrade google-auth-oauthlib[tool]
  • google-oauthlib-tool –client-secrets path/to/client_secret_XXXXX.json –scope –save –headless

Once that is done you will be directed to visit the URL where you will have to authorize your Google account. Just input the authorization code in the prompt and that should fix the issue for you.

  1. Reinstall Python

If that does not fix the issue for you then you should try updating Python to the latest version available. If you’re on windows just open up your control panel and uninstall the Python program. After that open the activity monitor to force close all processes related to this program. Once that is done open up your terminal and go to your library folder. From there remove the folder named python.

After you’re done just reboot your computer system once and install the latest Python software on your computer. If this process seems too complex then you can always refer to a YouTube tutorial to help guide you through each step of the process.

  1. Use Another Computer System

To pinpoint the actual problem, we recommend that you try using another computer system to install Google Assistant. If it works properly on the other computer system then you can repair windows on the original computer or reinstall it. Doing this will take care of any minor bugs that were causing this issue in the first place. So, if you want to save time and no other fixes seem to work for you then go ahead and reinstall windows on your computer system.

  1. Online Forums

If you’re still not able to resolve this issue then we recommend that you seek help from a professional. Contacting the Google support team might just solve the issue for you. Make sure to provide all the relevant details regarding your issue to help the support team members identify the actual problem. Once they’re able to pinpoint the actual issue, they will be able to guide you more effectively. Follow their every instruction to troubleshoot the issue effectively.

You can also try posting on online forums to seek help from other users who were facing similar issues. Just try the fixes that worked out for them and this way you’ll be able to maximize your chances of actually solving the issue at hand.

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