6 Practices For Resolving Lorex Doorbell Mechanical Chime Not Working

lorex doorbell mechanical chime not working
lorex doorbell mechanical chime not working

Lorex units might not be as popular as Ring, but the video quality and the affordable pricing of these devices have attracted many owners. You won’t have to set aside a huge budget to add this doorbell to your smart home, and the only issue with this device is related to the connection with the mechanical chime. While the Lorex doorbell does work with mechanical chime, there have been a few reports on this unit not working. These reports are often related to wiring issues, but you should also refresh the doorbell programming to limit these issues. So, here are some details that can help you with the Lorex Doorbell mechanical chime not working.

Solutions fOR Lorex Doorbell Mechanical Chime Not Working

  1. Clean Corroded Connection Points

Issues with the mechanical chime not working when you’re using the Lorex doorbell can be linked with corroded connection points. The humidity levels and the moisture in the air has a react role to play in the condition of your connection points. So, if you’ve not checked the situation of the electrical connections in a while, now is a good time to do so.

All you need to do is to clean the connection points with any rush cleaner from the market and then check the response from the chime again. Hopefully, it will start working with the Lorex doorbell without further issues.

  1. Go Over Chime Configurations

You will need to clearly specify the type of chime you’re using with the Lorex doorbell. If the configurations are not managed with the Lorex doorbell, then you need to make sure that the mechanical chime features are enabled. If the unit is set to electrical mode, then you won’t be able to secure any response from the smart device. So, make sure to go over the chime configurations and then engage the Lorex doorbell mechanical chime one more time.

  1. Verify Chime Compatibility 

Compatibility issues are pretty consistent with the Lorex doorbell, and you can only rely on a limited range of models when using mechanical chimes with this doorbell. So, make sure to go over the compatibility guide available on the Lorex official page and source a compatible unit for your smart doorbell. There aren’t any workarounds for situations with an incompatible system, and you will need to verify the chime model to get it working with your smart device.

  1. Check For Voltage Issues

Even when there are no compatibility issues with the doorbell and the chime, you will run into performance complications due to voltage issues. These problems are more common than you think, and your best option is to rely on a multimeter to isolate the issue. Make sure that the voltage from the power source is optimal and that there are no corroded points that can disrupt the power flow.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to secure any response from the chime or the doorbell, and your Lorex unit will stop working with the mechanical chime. So, make sure to change the power source if you’re running into voltage-related issues.

  1. Replace the Damaged Wiring Kit

Having a damaged wiring kit is another possible reason behind this situation with the Lorex doorbell not working with the mechanical chime. The only thing you can do here is to replace the damaged wiring sections.

Make sure that there are no frayed sections left in the wiring kit and all the wires are in fresh condition. Otherwise, you will be dealing with connection and power-related issues. So, just go over the wiring condition and get the damaged sections replaced.

  1. Factory Reset Doorbell

If you’re sure that there are no hardware-related issues with the device, then you need to factory reset the doorbell. This will be enough to eliminate all the programming bugs in your system. Moreover, you won’t have to narrow down on configuration issues within the doorbell. So, reset the Lorex doorbell to factory default and then try to set up this system with your mechanical chime again.

Ideally, you’ll just be dealing with corroded connection points when the mechanical chime is not working with the smart doorbell. So, your first step should be fixing the condition of the connection points, and that will be enough for your smart system.

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