Logitech Pop Discontinued – What To Know

logitech pop discontinued
logitech pop discontinued

Getting into home automation can be pretty fun when you’re somewhat experienced with basic programming. You can save a lot of money by choosing some Raspberry Pi products. So, even if you’re low on budget and not willing to spend a lot of money on premium smart devices, just try to go through a few DIY projects. That will give you a better perspective on the performance of smart devices, and you’ll have much better control over the home automation.

The recent discontinuation of the Logitech Pop smart button has annoyed many owners. While this option proved to be a decent automation solution, the following information will clear up some confusion on Logitech Pop Discontinuation.

Logitech Pop Discontinued 

The primary features that Logitech focused on with this smart button were the sleek design and easy programming. However, when it came to the basic features like battery replacement and price point, customers weren’t too happy with this button. Even though thousands of owners from across the nation relied on this smart button, the demand was just not enough to make this lineup sustainable for Logitech.

The product was discontinued and there have been no firmware updates for over a year. The expensive price tag really didn’t help drive the traffic towards the button. Now, Logitech has officially stopped support for this unit, and you can’t really find a reliable dealer to source a fresh Logitech Pop for your house. For this reason, you should look towards Logitech Pop alternatives, and they will help you with updated features.

Options like the Aqara mini switch have recently been the customer favourite because of its integration with the Aqara hub and the Zigbee features. It is not as expensive, and you will have a much better time installing this smart button in your household. So, if you’re looking for a versatile unit to replace Logitech Pop, then going with Aqara might be your best choice.

The only selling points for Logitech Pop were the unique design and better response time. Other than that, there were no additional features that you will enjoy with this option. So, going with Aqara won’t have a negative impact on your household, and you’ll be much better off with this option. Even if you’re not that experienced in tech products, using an Aqara unit won’t be that challenging. For this reason, you should give this option a try if you’re unable to source Logitech Pop.

To Conclude

The Logitech Pop button was discontinued because of the more expensive price tag and battery issues. Owners mentioned that the battery wasn’t really replaceable and they had to go through extensive procedures to install a new battery. On top of that, the price tag wasn’t cheap, and owners had to pay a substantial sum if they were buying a whole setup.

These factors led to a massive decline in sales and Logitech ultimately decided to cut support for this product. Now, it has been more than a year and there are no firmware updates for the device. So, you can’t really expect new features from this button.

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