5 Approaches To Resolving Leviton DW15s Stopped Working

leviton dw15s stopped working
leviton dw15s stopped working

The quickest way to integrate your appliances with the smart assistants installed in your home is going with the smart switches. There are thousands of options to choose from, but going with established brands will always help you maximize the convenience of your smart system. So, instead of only considering the price point, you should give more focus on the compatibility and feature list.

Leviton is one of the most well-known brands in the market with its extensive portfolio of smart switches. However, some problems have recently been reported with the Leviton DW15S switch not working. If your Leviton DW15S has also stopped working, try the following solutions.

How To Fix Leviton DW15s Stopped Working?

  1. Reset Power

The most basic solution to this issue is power cycling the switch once by using the circuit breaker. It will only take a few moments and has a good chance of fixing the issue permanently. So, if you’re running into these bugs with the Leviton DW15S, just use the circuit breaker to cut the power.

After about 10 seconds, you can flip the breaker again to streamline the power flow. Once the power flow has been restored, wait a few moments before using the smart switch again.

  1. Fix Wi-Fi

You need to also power cycle the router if flipping the breakers doesn’t get the job done. As long as you’re dealing with network issues, the unit won’t give you the desired performance. So, try to isolate the issue by power cycling the router.

If the issue persists, then your best bet is to reset the router to the factory setting. Depending upon the brand of your router, pressing the reset button for 5 seconds with a small pin should do the trick.

  1. Move Router

Some users mentioned that they were able to fix the Leviton DW15S by moving the Wi-Fi router closer to the switch. So, if you have a router in a different room, relocating this router should be enough to narrow down on the problem.

If the issue is fixed after moving the router, you need to extend the signal strength by using additional routers. Otherwise, your issue will stop working because of poor signal strength and interference.

  1. Reset Switch

If the issue remains unresolved at this point, then the only option left is to reset the smart switch. This will remove all the configurations from the smart app, and you will have to pair it again. So, it will take a bit of time to connect the switch with your mobile device again. However, the issue will likely be fixed once the switch has reset.

  1. Reinstall Application

Sometimes the application in your smartphone can also lead to similar issues. It is not a bad idea to try your luck with reinstalling this application if the issue remains unfixed after going through all the methods above.

On the off chance, if the switch is still not working, your best bet is to call customer support. There is a high possibility that your switch is defective and has to be replaced.

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