How To Make DIY Laundry Done Alert?

Laundry Done Alert
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Laundry Done Alert

Laundry is an essential part of life, that is if you like to stay clean. Smart home or not, everybody needs to do their laundry using a laundry machine in order to clean their clothes. Doing so is a fairly simple task.

The problem is, we all have been in a situation where we forget about the laundry machine and left it running. But what if we told you there’s an incredibly effective workaround to this? It would surely make our life a lot easier if we were to make a reminder about laundry.

Just like you, many users were annoyed due to forgetting their clothes in the laundry machine. Or in some cases, they had to leave all their work and watch the laundry machine finish cleaning their clothes. Both situations aren’t any good.

But to our surprise, some hacks were recently revealed where anyone can make a DIY laundry done alert. The main purpose of making such a thing is to make laundry a lot simpler. What it basically does is to send you a text message on your phone, as soon as your laundry machine is done cleaning the clothes. This might seem quite tempting to a lot of you. But don’t you worry a bit as we have got you covered with this article!

Laundry Done Alert

To successfully create your own project, follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Start on your project with a USB power bit, slide dimmer, sound trigger, a long LED, and cloudBit. The USB littleBits power bit should be connected directly into a laundry room with a 120Volt outlet. Though optional, you can add a slide dimmer between your USB power but and your sound trigger. This is done to prevent any false alarm.
  2. Proceed to so you can set up and create your own account.
  3. Now go to where you will need to create an account for “If This Then That”. You will need to create a new recipe for “If littleBits then “SMS”. Basically, you will be creating the recipe so that if any input is received by the My Cloud module, then send me an SMS at “Your Phone no.” Now, you will need to select the type of message you receive once the laundry is done. For instance, “Your laundry is Done”. You can test it out.
  4. Adjust your sound trigger according to your choosing.
  5. Finally, run a final test on your very own Laundry done alert. Press the start button on your dryer, make a buzz, and check if you get your text message.


If you are sick of leaving your clothes in the laundry, then this should be of great help to you. Following the above-mentioned guide will allow you to make your very own laundry done alert. The best part is that this won’t cost you much!

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