How To Reset C By GE Light Bulbs? (Answered)

how to reset c by ge light bulbs
how to reset c by ge light bulbs

Spending a bit more budget on the smart lighting solution will help you source some amazing light bulbs that will last you for years. It is true that the market is saturated with budget lighting solutions, but the limited features and low light quality from these products won’t be a good addition to your household. So, it might be a better idea to stick with better brands for more features and consistent performance.

C by GE light bulbs have recently gained a pretty decent reputation in the market with their vibrant presentation. However, some users have had difficulties in trying to set up these bulbs. Luckily, a quick reset to C by GE light bulbs fixes these minor issues.

How To Reset C By GE Light Bulbs? 

To reset the light bulbs, you need first to make sure that the light bulb is installed in a fixture that is not controlled by a dimmer. The use of a dimmer can interfere with the reset procedure. So, you need to first install the C By GE light bulb on a fixture that is connected to a simple on and off switch. Once that is done, you can follow these steps to reset C by GE light bulbs.

  • To reset the C By GE light bulb, you need first to make sure that the light bulb has been off for at least 5 seconds. So, turn the switch off and wait for 5 seconds. After that, you can start a timed sequence to follow through with the reset.
  • Once the bulb is turned off, you have to turn the device on and off five times. Ideally, you should turn the bulb on for around eight seconds and then keep it turned off for two seconds. Even though there is a bit of margin for error, waiting for too long can create some issues with the reset procedure.
  • Repeat the timed sequence mentioned in the previous step five times, and the bulb will start flashing. This will mark the success of the reset procedure, and your bulb will go into the pairing mode. If the bulb is not flashing for some reason, there is a chance that you messed up the timed sequence. The only thing you can do in this situation is to repeat the process from the start.
  • After the bulb has successfully entered the pairing mode, you can use the smart application to connect the light bulb with the mobile device. As long as there are no hardware issues with the bulb, it should connect without any issues.
  • Lastly, you just have to go through the bulb configurations and controls to personalize the device, and your smart bulb will be ready. You can also access the smart app to help with the reset.

Overall, these were some steps that you need to follow to reset C by GE light bulbs. Depending upon the model, these steps would be enough to reset the majority of devices. However, if your specific device will not reset by following these steps, then you need to rely on the smart application to help you with the procedure. Complete instructions on the reset are given in the app, and they will match the model you’re currently using in your household.

Can You Access C By GE Reset Instructions Through the Application?

To access the reset instructions for your specific model of C by GE smart lights, you need to launch the smart app and access the settings. From the settings, you can browse to the support section for the specific model you’re using and then tap on factory reset settings. After that, you can select the C by GE smart lights installed in your house, and that will direct you towards the reset instructions.

Even though the device won’t reset directly through the app, you will get a list of steps and the specifics of the timed instructions. These instructions will be relevant for your exact C By GE light model. So, make sure to follow these instructions, and that will be enough to reset the C By GE light bulb. If you’re still struggling to get the light bulbs to flash after reset, then there is no harm in reaching out to the support team for help.

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