6 Ways To Fix GE Christmas Tree Remote Not Working

ge christmas tree remote not working
ge christmas tree remote not working

GE might not be the cheapest option in the market, but when it comes to high quality and realistic Christmas tree lighting, there isn’t a better brand in the market. Even though there have been a few issues with the remote, the overall quality and color intensity brought forward by this lighting solution is phenomenal. So, if you are looking for better quality Christmas lights, then GE is the brand for you.

The issues with the GE Christmas Tree remote not working can usually be fixed easily by following a few basic fixes. So, if you’re in a situation with the GE Christmas tree remote not working, try following these methods to fix the remote.

How to Fix GE Christmas Tree Remote Not Working?

  1. Check Battery

The battery on the GE tree remote is one of the first things that you need to check when the device is not working. In almost all reports, the issue was directly or indirectly linked to the battery. So, you need to make sure that the battery on your remote is not drained and is installed properly.

Sometimes having the wrong battery on the remote can also lead to similar issues. So, check the compatibility of the battery with the remote and then try to control your Christmas lights. Hopefully, a quick replacement will be enough to fix the system.

  1. Clean Terminals With Rubbing Alcohol

Another solution to get ahead of the power issues is cleaning the terminals with rubbing alcohol. All you need to do is grab a cotton swab and use some rubbing alcohol to wipe away the debris on top of the terminals. This debris is known to create power-related issues in the remote. So, if you’re sure that the battery is in good shape, just clean up the terminals.

Ideally, you should clean the terminals every time you replace the battery. That way, you won’t have to deal with a similar situation where the GE Christmas tree remote will stop working.

  1. Check Compatibility 

A major concern with the remote is that a GE Christmas remote will only work if you got it along with the set of lights. There are a ton of compatibility issues with this device, and a GE remote won’t work unless it came with the box. So, if you are using some different model of GE Christmas tree remote, then that is likely why you’re not getting any performance.

To get ahead of this issue, the only thing you can do is to get a replacement by checking the compatibility of your smart lights. That way, you won’t have to deal with a remote that doesn’t pair up with the receiver box.

  1. Inspect Receiver Box

The receiver box connected to the lights is next on the list when it comes to potential causes for the GE remote not working. So, you need to check the connections of the receiver box and make sure that it is properly secured with the lights. Otherwise, no input will get registered, and you won’t get any response from the lights. For this reason, you need to secure the receiver box properly and make sure it is not damaged.

  1. Check Lights

It is also not that rare for the lights to be defective. If you’re sure that the receiver box is working correctly and the remote has fresh batteries, then you need to check the lights for possible damaged. The only fix for the defective lights is to replace the strands and then try connecting them with the receiver again. So, make sure to check the lights and replace them if the strands seem to be damaged and there is no power in the lights.

  1. Call Technical Support

If the issue with the GE Christmas tree remote not working is not fixed at this stage, and you’re sure that you’re using a compatible remote with a fresh battery, then calling the technical support should be your next step. The professionals from GE technical support will help you find the main cause behind this issue with your remote. So, make sure to involve an expert if you’re unable to fix the remote even after trying out all the troubleshooting methods mentioned above. Hopefully, that will save you some headaches, and you will have a better shot at fixing the remote.

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