How To Make Alexa Laugh? (Answered)

How To Make Alexa Laugh
How To Make Alexa Laugh

Alexa is a virtual voice assistant AI mainly focused on making your life plenty easier by becoming your personal home assistant for the smart home. You can use Alexa to take full control of all your smart home appliances, simply by giving a voice command.

Simply put, you can use your voice to control all of your smart homes through Alexa. Another great thing about using Alexa is that it can be also used as a smart hub. Basically, Alexa is great for making things a lot simpler for you in home automation.

Alexa Laughing Feature

Alexa comes with unique and interactive features. Likewise, one of these unique features of Alexa is the ability to laugh. Some people regard this feature as a fun add-on, or an additional fun perk that comes with Alexa. While others have regarded the laugh as creepy, or horrible.

To some extent, the concern is actually right. You can make Alexa laugh, but the laugh isn’t all that great. Good thing is, there are different kinds of laughs that are featured on Alexa.

Today, we will be explaining to you how you can make Alexa laugh. So, if you are wondering how to make Alexa laugh, we suggest you keep on reading the article.

How To Make Alexa Laugh

Before we explain to you how you can make Alexa laugh, it is important that you learn the concept of Laugh Box. What Laugh Box does, is that it enables you to play all kinds of laughter. All laughs will help you to decrease your stress levels and smile more. The feature is added to help you cheer up whenever you are feeling down by just using the laugh feature.

To successfully make Alexa laugh, all you need to do is to ask Alexa “Open Laugh Box”. As soon as it starts, it should play a random laugh for you. Right after the laugh ends, you can ask Alexa to play another type of laugh or define a laugh for you.

If you are looking for some unique laughs, then try asking Alexa “What is a sinister laugh”, or “Play me a baby laugh”. If you like a specific type of laugh, just ask Alexa “More”. This will make Alexa play more of the same type of laugh that you liked.

The Bottom Line

Can you make Alexa laugh? Yes, you can. We have used this article to explain to you how you can do so. Simply follow the procedure mentioned above to make Alexa laugh in different ways. Each way will help you smile and will act as good entertainment for you.

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