How To Make Alexa Curse?

How To Make Alexa Curse
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How To Make Alexa Curse

Alexa is designed to be the perfect smart home assistant for you and it can adapt easily to any sort of needs you might have. You will need to customize Alexa according to your preferences. The best thing is that it will keep adapting to your routine, needs, and stuff like that, and the more you are using Alexa, the more you will get used to it. However, there are certain restrictions to Alexa and you cannot use those features optimally.

How To Make Alexa Curse

Curse words

Now, Alexa is compatible to use swear words but there are restrictions on it. To keep the best home environment according to most of the users out there, Amazon has restricted Alexa and you cannot make Alexa curse. Alexa is smart to beep out the swear words for you if you are playing some audio that has curse words or if there is some song like that. So, if you want Alexa to use curse words for making fun or anything like that, you are out of luck there and the thing is that it is not possible for you to use Alexa on default configuration with these sorts of words.


This is not possible for you to make Alexa Curse on the default settings. If you try something like that, Alexa will eventually say “I’d rather not say anything rude”. That feature ensures that it is the perfect thing to have for every household and you can use it freely around children and in a more civilized manner.

How to Achieve

The only way for you to achieve the settings for Alexa to use the curse words is to make sure you download a new capability. There are several capabilities out there that you can get and that will help you with the curse words on Alexa.

However, there are certain things that you must know about these packages and you must keep a check on them while trying anything like that to ensure that your information is safe and you are not messing up with the settings.

The first thing to do uses the capability of an authentic developer. This will ensure that you are not allowing any unauthentic piece of programming to take control of your Alexa device and Amazon account. There are tons of sensitive information on Alexa that can cost you big if it is abused in some manner.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that these external capability packages are not perfectly optimized. This would mean that you can have several issues with the device functioning so it might not be worth the risk. If you start having some issues with the Alexa functionality, you will need to uninstall any sort of capability that you have downloaded and you are unsure about, especially if it is something for curse words that you won’t need optimally. This will ensure that you are getting the perfect utility on Alexa you are supposed to have.

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