How To Clean Roborock Filter?

how to clean roborock filter
how to clean roborock filter

Roborock might not be the best option when it comes to the suction power, but you won’t have to worry about performance issues with this cleaning robot. It is one of the most reliable machines in the market as long as you’re keeping track of its maintenance. If you ignore the maintenance of this machine for an extended period, then performance issues are inevitable.

All you have to do is to empty out the dustbin and occasionally clean the filter to sustain the performance. That way, the excessive debris, and hair won’t clog up your unit, and it will keep working perfectly. The following details on how to clean the Roborock filter will further improve your perspective on the maintenance of Roborock.

How To Clean Roborock Filter?

To avoid issues with the cleaning performance of your smart robot, it is a good idea to check on the filters every now and then. Ideally, you should be cleaning the filters twice a month. However, if you go longer than a month without cleaning the filters, it can lead to many performance issues. So, just follow through with these steps if you don’t know how to clean the Roborock filter.

  • Depending upon the Roborock model you’ve purchased, start by opening up the top panel of the cleaning robot. This will give you access to the dust bin, and you can press the release button to remove the bin from the Roborock unit.
  • Once the dust bin is out of the cleaning robot, make sure to empty it out and then remove the filter from the bin. If the filter is not coming out of the dust bin, you need to gently tap on the sides of the filter to free up the clogged debris. That should loosen up the dust bin, and you will be able to remove it in no time.
  • After removing the filter, you need to get the excessive debris out of the filter by tapping the frame gently on a solid object. This won’t completely clean the filters, and your main objective here is to get the extra dust out of the filters.
  • At this point, you can put the filter back in the dust bin and use some water to clean the filter. You simply need to pour water into the dustbin by using the lid and then close up the system and shake it gently. That will get rid of the old dirt, and the filter will be completely clean after you cycle the water a few times.
  • Lastly, you just have to take out this filter and then put it in a dry and sunny place. It can take more than a day for the filter to dry out, and there is no point in putting the wet filters into the cleaning robot. So, wait for the filter to be completely dry, and then you can put them back into your cleaning robot.

Overall, these are a few steps that you need to follow to clean the Roborock filter. You need to avoid the use of any brushes to access the filters as that can damage the filter. It is true that you will be able to get some stubborn pieces of dirt out of the filter, but there will be a massive drop in the performance of this cleaning robot.

For this reason, it is best to rely on the use of water and avoid using any brushes to access the clogged dirt in the filters. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a replacement, and it can be pretty annoying to get compatible filters for your Roborock.

No Improvement After Cleaning The Filters?

If there is no improvement in the cleaning performance of the Roborock after you’ve cleaned the filter, then there is a decent chance that you’re dealing with a defective sensor. Ideally, you should notice visible improvements after cleaning the filters and removing debris from the sensors.

However, if there is no response from the unit even after cleaning the filters, then you need to reach out to the experts working at the technical support line. Explain this issue with the Roborock not cleaning the house properly, and they will help you fix the unit in no time.

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