6 Common Problems With C By GE Smart Plug Troubleshooting

c by ge smart plug troubleshooting
c by ge smart plug troubleshooting

If you’re not that thrilled about spending thousands of dollars on upgrading the smart system in your household, a good alternative is going with smart plugs. These devices are pretty cheap and are easy to set up. So, you won’t have to worry about spending a huge budget of hours of work to install these units in your home.

C by GE smart plugs are one of the more popular options in the market when you’re looking for performance consistency. While there are a few reports on issues with these smart plugs, the overall sentiment is pretty positive. So, let’s cover some of the common problems that you can expect from C By GE smart plugs and how you can fix them.

Fixing C By GE Smart Plug Troubleshooting

  1. Connection Problems

The biggest and most annoying issue that you will have to deal with the C By GE smart plug is that sometimes, they won’t connect to Wi-Fi. This issue with the smart plug is often linked to the channel configurations on your router. If you’re not using a dual-band router, then there is a good chance that the channel bandwidth is set to 5.0GHz.

You need to switch this channel bandwidth by accessing the router configurations. The C By GE smart plug will only connect with the 2.4GHz channel, and you need to make sure that the router is broadcasting this channel. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get ahead of these connection issues.

  1. Application Issues

Sometimes users also struggle with using the smart app to get the plugs connected to a stable channel. This issue with the smart app is caused by an outdated version. So, if you’ve not updated the application in a long time and the application keeps glitching out, then now is a good time to update the app. You need to make sure that your app is on the latest version and then connect the smart plug again.

  1. Smart Plug Not Responding

Issues with the smart plug not responding to the commands from your app indicate that the router connection with the smart plug is weak. If you’re dealing with a similar situation, and the C By GE smart plug won’t respond to your commands, then a good troubleshooting method is moving the router closer to the smart plug. This will have a positive impact on the signal strength, and you will get a better response from your unit.

  1. Firmware Not Updating

Firmware update issues are next on the list of common problems with the C By GE smart plug. You need a decent internet connection and stable signal strength to update the firmware on the smart plugs. Otherwise, the update will keep failing, and you won’t be able to get the desired performance from the smart plugs. So, if the firmware is not updating, you need to switch the network and try a different router to update the plugs. That will fix the issue in almost all situations, and you won’t have to bother with resetting the smart plug.

  1. LED Won’t Stop Blinking

The LED indicator on the C By GE smart plug informs users about the current status of the smart device. If the LED won’t stop blinking, then that indicates your smart plug is not paired up with the application. You need to go through the pairing process and try to reset the smart plug if it appears to be paired up with the app. Similarly, you need to also remove the plug from the app before resetting and start the pairing procedure from the start. That will fix the functionality-related issues with the smart plug.

  1. No Power

There have also been several reports on no power coming from the C By GE smart plugs. These issues with the power are almost always linked with a defective outlet that is not supplying sufficient power to the unit. So, instead of checking the plug for damages, you should first inspect the outlet. There is a decent chance that the outlet is defective, and switching the outlet should fix this power-related issue. Moreover, you can rely on a multimeter to isolate the problem with the power flow in the defective outlet.

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