HomeSeer Vs SmartThings (Differences Between HomeSeer And SmartThings)

HomeSeer Vs SmartThings
HomeSeer Vs SmartThings

SmartThings by Samsung makes a great addition to your own smart home as it allows you to make your dumb devices a lot smarter. SmartThings permits users to be able to have remote control over their devices whenever, and however, they want.

What’s more, is that users can schedule the devices just according to their liking of time. Using SmartThings, you will get a true smart home experience, as they are compatible with pretty much every common smart home device. There’s no doubt that SmartThings is an innovation for smart homes.

HomeSeer is another great smart home system that allows you to control your smart devices. HomeSeer takes privacy a lot more seriously by going completely local-based. In addition, it goes with pretty much every smart device. You can use it to control the lights in your house. You can also use it to close or open your garage door or keep an eye on the locks of your house.

Also, it is compatible with thousands of smart devices and has full voice compatibility. This means that you can use it with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.

HomeSeer Vs SmartThings

Smart home users like to compare the two when it comes to deciding which one, they should choose. There has been quite a debate on multiple threads, where users are arguing about which one’s better than the other. If we compare HomeSeer vs SmartThings, there are a lot of factors that come into play.

This is why in today’s article; we will be comparing HomeSeer vs SmartThings. We will be going through every major aspect that makes one better than the other. So, without wasting any time further, here are all of the points mentioned below:

  1. Which One’s More Secure and Reliable?

Samsung’s SmartThings work on the cloud. Although some devices do manage to work locally, you will absolutely need to have an internet connection for the SmartThings app to work properly. On the other hand, HomeSeer works completely locally. This means that your app will work even without an internet connection.

Not only does that make HomeSeer a lot more reliable than SmartThings, but a lot more secure as well. Also, due to HomeSeer working locally, it will also be plenty faster than SmartThings. So, when it comes to reliability, HomeSeer is clearly the winner.

  1. Ease of Use and Setup

A smart home hub should be easy to use and setup. Although some users aren’t bothered by this, it is important that your smart isn’t too difficult. When it comes to actual use, both the systems are incredibly easy and simple to use.

But when setting up, the Samsung SmartThings is a lot easier to set up than HomeSeer. Using SmartThings, you will only need to set up your home and that’s basically it. HomeSeer requires you to do a lot more than that. So, when it comes to ease of setting up, SmartThings wins.

  1. What About The Cost?

Cost is an important factor whenever one needs to purchase or compare items. A good price can make a mediocre device look good, whereas an item with a poor/high price tag will make even a good item look bad. It is important that the item has a satisfactory price tag.

When it comes to price, the Samsung SmartThings cost around $90 as you only need the hub to get it working. In contrast, HomeSeer will cost you around $500-$1000 which is leagues ahead of what SmartThings costs around. Part of this is because you will have a separate local server when choosing HomeSeer.


Comparing Smarthings vs HomeSeer, both are exceptionally great for your smart homes. But if you need to pick one out of two, you will first need to determine what your basic use will be.

If you need an easy to set up, budget-friendly smart home hub, then Samsung’s SmartThings should be your purchase. But if you’re looking for something that works locally, is much more secure and reliable, and the price tag isn’t a barrier for you, then by all means go for HomeSeer. At the end of the day, both will provide you with a fantastic experience.

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