Connecting WiZ Lights to Alexa: Is It Possible?

connecting wiz lights to alexa
connecting wiz lights to alexa

WiZ smart lights are known for their exceptional value, and you’ll be able to enjoy several automation features by pairing up these lights with Alexa. It might not be the best brand in the market, but the pricing is decent enough, and you will get plenty of models with this brand.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting setup in your household, sticking with WiZ lights is not a bad choice. Setting up the WiZ lights is fairly simple, and you can connect them with Alexa to enjoy voice controls. The following steps on connecting WiZ lights to Alexa will help you connect the smart lights with the automation assistant.

A Guide On Connecting WiZ Lights to Alexa

To set up your smart WiZ lights with Alexa, you will first have to enable the integration through the WiZ application and then head over to the Alexa application for further configurations. Ideally, it won’t take you more than ten minutes to completely set up your lights with the smart assistant. So, follow through with these steps if you’re unsure about how to connect WiZ lights to Alexa.

  • To start, you will need to log in to your Amazon account on the Alexa app and go through the initial setup. Otherwise, the WiZ lights won’t show up in the Alexa app after you’re done enabling the integration from the WiZ official application. So, make sure that the Amazon account is logged into Alexa beforehand.
  • Now, you can open up the WiZ application on your mobile device and head over to the settings tab. This will give you access to the integration option. You can tap on Amazon Alexa and proceed to link your account.
  • After accessing the Amazon Alexa integration, you just have to use your credentials to log into the Amazon account and the lights will be ready to use with the Alexa application. Make sure to use the Amazon account that is currently logged into the Alexa application on your phone.
  • Once the integration setup is complete through the WiZ app, you can launch the Alexa application and proceed with the configurations. From the Alexa app, you have to navigate to the Smart Home tab and then click on discover devices to access all the WiZ lights that are currently paired up with your Amazon account.
  • Lastly, you just have to finalize the configurations and group up the WiZ lights according to the room names to get the desired automation performance. This would complete the connection of the WiZ lights with the Alexa application, and you won’t have to bother with more steps.

There are no complicated steps involved when it comes to pairing Alexa with the WiZ lights. Usually, these steps are enough to connect Alexa with your smart lights, but there have been some reports where users had to set up the Alexa integration manually. So, if you’ve not been successful with linking the Amazon account directly, make sure to check out the instructions for the manual setup, and that will get the smart assistant working perfectly.

How To Manually Connect WiZ Lights to Alexa?

If you’ve not been successful with the steps mentioned above, then you will have to select the manual integration option from the WiZ app and then turn on the WiZ skill. This will provide you with a code that you will have to paste into the Alexa application.

Once you have access to the pairing code, open up the Alexa application and browse over to the skills section. Find the WiZ smart skill by searching the store and installing it on the application. Enabling this skill will barely take a second, and you can paste the code into the skill after it has been enabled.

Now, you just have to confirm the code and then proceed with the automation configurations to control the smart lights. There are no further steps involved, and the only thing different about setting up Alexa manually is the use of a pairing code.

Keep in mind that this code is valid for a few minutes, and you’ll need to request a new code from the WiZ app when you wait for too long. So, make sure to be quick with the setup and paste the code on the WiZ skill in the Alexa application.

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