11 Common Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor Problems Troubleshooting

common Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor problems troubleshooting
common Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor problems troubleshooting

Moen Flo water monitor is one of the best water monitors out there that can automatically switch off the water connection to protect your home from water damage.

The water monitor has a MicroLeak technology that monitors the entire water system of the home to identify the leaks and cut off the connection.

The water monitor can be connected to the smartphone app to see how much water you are consuming, and you can also set water conservation goals to save water as well as money.

Common Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor Problems Troubleshooting

It’s a great investment for homes, but you should be aware of common Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor problems troubleshooting to fix the problems as they occur!

  1. Monitor Is Not Turning On

The water monitor has been designed with a battery as well as a direct power cord connection to make sure it remains on at all times.

However, if the monitor is not turning on, we recommend that you check the power cord.

If the power cord is loose, you have to take it out and re-plug it into the socket firmly to fix the power connection.

On the other hand, if you are using a water monitor with batteries, you have to check the batteries and make sure they are installed correctly and are connected to the correct terminals.


Ideally, you should take out the batteries and reinsert them. However, if reinstalling the batteries doesn’t work, you should change the batteries because they might be dead.

You can check the water monitor’s manual to determine the recommended batteries.

  1. Monitor Keeps Flashing Zero

If the water monitor is turning on, but the display screen keeps flashing zero, it’s likely that the sensor has picked up the dust.

moen flo

For this purpose, we recommend that you use the compressed air can to clean the debris and dust particles from the sensor disk.

Once the sensor disk is clean, it will take the measurements properly, and the display won’t flash zero.

In addition to cleaning the sensor disk, you have to check the alignment because the top deck and the sensor disk must be aligned for the monitor to take the reading.

However, if nothing works, you should check the sensor disk for breakage and damage. In most cases, the teeth are broken, which restricts the monitor from taking the measurements.

So, if the disk or its teeth are broken, the only option is to get them replaced.

Last but not least, you have to check all the wiring connections because damaged and broken wiring can cause incorrect or zero reading.

If the connections are loose, use a screwdriver to tighten the connections.

  1. Monitor Is Showing Erratic Numbers

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If the display panel of your water monitor is showing erratic numbers, there are chances that the sensors are dirty and aren’t giving the correct reading.

For this purpose, we recommend that you inspect the sensor disk as well as the sensors – if they are dirty, you can use a can of compressed air.

On the other hand, if the dirt is stuck to the disk, you can use anti-static sprays or dryer sheets to clean the sensor and the disk properly.

Secondly, it’s recommended that you move the water monitor into the shade because the water monitors have an optical sensor, and exposure to sunlight can interfere with the readings.


Thirdly, you have to check for loose wires. In particular, you must inspect the wiring connections between the sensor and monitor – if the connections are loose, tighten them up.

In case the wiring connections are already tight, you should inspect the disk for misaligned teeth – the misaligned teeth have to be aligned with pliers, but you must hire a professional.

If nothing works, there are chances that the batteries are dead because low battery power can result in erratic numbers.

So, check the battery compartment for the type of batteries the monitor needs and purchase the new ones. In most cases, the water monitors need AA batteries, but you can check the manual.

  1. Scraping Sound

water monitor

The water monitor is designed to operate silently, so if it has started making scraping sounds, there might be something wrong with the sensor disk.

In most cases, adjusting the position of a sensor disk can help get rid of the weird noises. In addition, check all the bolts that you have used for installing the monitor and tighten them.

Secondly, you should realign the water monitor’s sensor in the backward or forward direction on the top deck.

In case the sensor disk is touching the sensor’s inner prong, you should put the sensor towards the center.

  1. Whirring Noises

The water monitor will start making whirring noises when it hasn’t been installed properly.

The improper installation of a recoil belt can cause rubbing of the monitor on the riser bracket, hence the noise.

To fix this noise, you have to take off the recoil belt and lift the water monitor in the upright direction.

In addition, you have to install the water monitor in a place where the recoil belt sits below the riser bracket.

  1. The Numbers Seem Faded

If you have turned on your water monitor, but the numbers on the display panel seem faded, it’s recommended that you check the batteries.

|Insert Battery

The batteries are installed on the back of the monitor – if the batteries are low, you have to install new ones to make sure the numbers are fully visible.

On the other hand, if you have recently installed new batteries, you should inspect the battery terminals for corrosion.

If the terminals are corroded, you must replace the entire backplate assembly to make sure the water monitor receives power.

  1. Constantly Beeping


If your water monitor is constantly beeping, there are chances that the buttons are stuck under an overlay.

The simplest solution is to turn off the monitor and readjust the buttons and replace the batteries.

  1. Unable To Calibrate

If you are setting up your Moen water monitor but it’s unable to calibrate, it’s likely that the monitor has sensed the water flowing.


To fix this issue, you have to close the main shutoff valve of your home before you begin the calibrating process. When the monitor asks you to run the water, open the valve.

If you have to remove the monitor from the water pipe, you should cut off the zip ties and check the rubber pads – these pads must be flat against the monitor’s surface.

On the other hand, if the pads are deformed, twisted, or damaged, you must replace the pads before installing the water monitor to make sure the calibration is done correctly.

  1. Unable To Sense The Water Pipe

The water monitor has to sense and identify the water pipe to be able to work.

However, if it’s unable to sense the pipe, remember that it must be filled with water, and the monitor should be sealed to the pipe tightly.

Keep in mind that the monitor has to flush against the pipe, and it must be lined with the pipe lengthwise. In addition, the zip ties connecting the monitor and pipe should be right.

However, before you install the water monitor to the pipe, make sure that you clean that section of the pipe properly because any dirt, paint, and dust can interfere with the installation process.

Secondly, you have to check the rubber pads on the monitor’s bottom because they must be intact for the monitor to remain stuck to the pipe.

In case the pads are damaged or chipped, you have to install new ones. Keep in mind that the damaged pads should be completely removed before you patch the new ones.

  1. Monitor Isn’t Connecting To The Internet

wifi network

The water monitor is connected to the Wi-Fi to make sure you can access the water quality measurements on the smartphone app.

However, if the monitor is not connecting to the internet, you have to double-check and ensure that the Wi-Fi password is correct.

In addition, check the security type and make sure it’s correct.

On the other hand, if the Wi-Fi password is already correct, it’s recommended that you move your router closer to the water monitor because it improves the strength of wireless internet signals.

  1. Monitor Is Offline


The water monitor can be connected to the internet, and you can use the smartphone app to keep an eye on the water quality.

However, if the app states that the water monitor is offline, you have to check the Wi-Fi password and make sure you’ve entered the correct password.

Secondly, you must ensure that the internet router is turned on and connected to the water monitor for it to become online and work.

The Bottom Line


The bottom line is that a water monitor is a great way of keeping an eye on the water flow and volume of water passing through the pipes.

There are some common issues associated with the water monitor that we have shared along with the solutions. In case you still have issues with the water monitor, call the Moen Flo customer support team!

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