2 Ways To Achieve Closet Light Turns on When Door Opens

closet light turns on when door opens
closet light turns on when door opens

The lights and fans in your house are some of the most used equipment. These are essential when you want to sit in a specific room.

Considering this, the user has to switch them on and off manually all the time. People who want to move around a lot or feel lazy can find it annoying to control these.

This is where smart home products come in. Companies have been manufacturing them recently, which allows you to control your device from a distance.

So, if you are thinking of an upgrade, there is no better option but to go with the brands like Philips and Govee.

You can even connect them to your mobile phone using a hub. This allows you to switch them off and on even from a distance while all of these are using the same network.

Closet Light Turns on When the Door Opens

You might think about having automated lights at times. These will switch on once you enter your room and then close once you have left. Just like this, people might even want to have these lights installed in their closets or wardrobes.

This makes it easy to find stuff within them without having to go through the hassle of controlling your lights manually. There are mainly two things that can be done to achieve this.

The first one is that you can purchase a closet that already has this installed. This will take out the process of having to install equipment in your wardrobe.

Additionally, this is the best solution for people who do not want to get into technical stuff.

You can go online and search for some of the best-rated closets with automated lighting. Afterward, purchase one that has the best rating, and you can now start enjoying it.

The installation of smart equipment might sound easy, but it can be one of the most annoying things that you will have to do in a while.

So, if you’re not that experienced and need an easier way out, then going with a dedicated unit will do the job.

There are many cheap options available at your local hardware stores as well as IKEA that will help you get to this outcome.

That way, you won’t even have to worry about adjusting these systems, and seeking help from local contractors will have you sorted.

On the other hand, the second solution is to manually install devices to achieve this. The process is quite simple, but there are some things that you need to get before starting with it.


If the user is prepared in advance, then they should not have much trouble trying to install these in their closet.

Making use of sensors will make your job easier if you’re aware of how to program different lights. Depending upon the brand and model you choose, the overall procedure can vary a great deal. So, keep that in mind as you try to adjust the smart system.

How to Install Automated Lights?

There are two methods that you can use even when it comes to manually installing the system in your closet. Both of them should be simple and will not take much time.

Just make sure that you go along with the installation process carefully. This will be enough to ensure that the user does not have much trouble and there are future issues along with it.

  1. Install Motion Sensors

The first thing that you can do is purchase motion sensors from an electrical store nearby you. You can then install them in your closet.

motion sensor

The way these sensors work is that they will notice if someone is standing in front of it. The information will then be provided to any equipment that you have attached to them.

If you use a motion sensor along with a timer, then this should work out perfectly.

You can install your lighting with the sensor and then configure it. Whenever you open the door of your closet, the lights will start up along it.

The timer can then be set up to keep the lights activated for additional time to give you enough time to get your items out of the closet.

Alternatively, you can always hire an expert for this job. There is no point in trying to go through hours of configurations when you’re not even sure about how to set up the system. So, if you’re in the same boat, be sure to spend a bit more cash. 

The expert won’t only make your job easier, but you will also enjoy better consistency from your devices. So, if you’re not that sure about how to set up the sensors or manage the minor configurations, then call up a local contractor.

He will inform you about the best products, and you can explain your requirements. Once everything is delivered to your house, you can call this expert one more time to come and install the lighting system for you.

It will take a bit of trial and error, but once the professional is done with the lighting system, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any more errors. So, it all comes down to how you’ll be maneuvering through the situation. 

  1. Use a Stick Switch

The second thing that you can do is install a small switch in your closet. You can place this directly on the door or the frame of your closet.

Make sure that you install it along with the hinges or edges. The way these stick switches work is that they will point out of your closet once the doors have been opened.

The lights connected to them should be activated along with them. You can then proceed to use the closet when you close the doors.

Your stick switch will be pressed with the door. This gives information directly to your connection and cuts it off. Which will then shut down the lights for you.

If you’re on a strict budget and don’t really plan on extending the budget to include this option, then going with the stick switch will do that job. You can get everything from the wiring to the lighting and the switch within a minimal budget.

Moreover, the lighting solutions don’t even have to be smart or expensive. You can set up a basic unit pretty easily, and the stick switch will engage and disengage the system as soon as the closet door is opened or closed.

So, if you’re also trying to develop a basic system without any motion sensors and amazing features, then going with a stuck switch is enough. The lifespan of this system won’t be as extensive as the smart system that is mentioned in the first method.

However, you will be able to replace it pretty quickly, even if you do run into issues down the road. The only real downside here is that you can’t access any of the smart features or mobile controls to help with the device.

Other than that, both of these methods will help you get to the same outcome, and you won’t have to bother with purchasing a new unit. Hopefully, this will be it when you’re dealing with the majority of smart control situations.


All of these solutions should be best for you and you can easily choose between them according to yourself.

The only real question that you need to ask yourself is how much money you’re planning on spending. If you’re not worried about the budget, then going with the motion sensors is best.

Though, keep in mind that the motion sensors can sometimes be a more expensive solution than the switch.

This is because there is some wiring required for all of these situations. The wiring going through the edges of your closet can look unappealing to some users.

Instead of only looking at the immediate expense, you should think more long-term. You won’t be able to secure any response from the unit as long as the devices are cheap.

So, be sure to keep that in mind and wait a bit more to gather more cash for the purchase.

You will be thanking yourself in a few months if you do decide to spend a few extra bucks now.

From there, you will not only get a better response, but the lifespan of the devices will also be much more than the traditional lighting solutions, which will save you money. 

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