Can You Watch Furbo On Computer? (Answered)

can you watch furbo on computer
can you watch furbo on computer

When you compare Furbo with high-end units like the Petcube, the difference in the number of features will be pretty significant. However, Furbo maintains its reputation because of the cheaper price tag and improved consistency. You won’t see many complaints about the treat tosser or the quality of video brought forward by Furbo in comparison to Petcube. So, it is not a bad idea to pick Furbo over other pet cameras if you’re looking for a unit that will last you for several years.

A common query that owners have regarding the Furbo unit is whether or not you can watch Furbo on the computer. If you’re also trying to access the output from your Furbo camera, then follow through with the details here.

Can You Watch Furbo On Computer?

You can watch the Furbo camera on your computer by using an Android emulator or using the Furbo IP to directly stream the feed from your camera. You won’t be able to access other smart features with the IP methods and will only be limited to video and audio output. So, if you’re looking for more control, it is a better idea to go with the emulator method. You won’t have to spend much time in the configurations, and you’ll have a comprehensive layout of controls on your PC screen.

Most of the time, owners like to stick with the BlueStacks emulator for their PC, but you can also browse through more options like MEmu and Nox Player. The initial setup is the same for all of these units, and you should make use of the emulator that is the lightest on your PC. BlueStacks offers the most compatibility features to the owners, but it can be a bit heavy on your computer. So, if your PC is not powerful, try going with Nox Player or MEmu and then install Furbo on the system.

Once your emulator of choice is installed on the computer, launch it up and then log in with your Google Account. Wait for the Play services to update, and then look up the Furbo smart application on the Play Store. Download the app titled Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera and then wait for it to install on the emulator. Depending upon your internet connection, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the application to install completely on your PC.

After that, you can open up the Furbo application and then pair up the Furbo camera with this application. Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will have complete control over the dog camera after it is paired up with the application on your emulator.

Overall, this is the best method for watching Furbo on the computer, and you can use the treat tosser along with the live feed. The only complicated step is finding the right emulator that will be light on your PC and won’t put an excessive load on your system. Other than that, all the steps are fairly straightforward, and you can simply install the Furbo app on the emulator to access the live feed.

Can You Watch Furbo On VLC or Browser?

You can tune into the network stream through the browser on your PC or any other media player. All you need is the Furbo camera IP, and the rest is fairly simple.

This URL: rtsp://[IP Address of Furbo]:554/stream1 will help you connect with the live stream even when the application is not installed. You can reach out to customer support to find the IP of your Furbo camera or check for the address on the unit itself. However, you won’t be able to make use of any controls while watching the stream through this method.

For this reason, you’re much better off with the emulator method as there is less hassle through the installed application. You won’t have to use the URL again and again, and simply downloading the app and pairing the Furbo camera will solve all problems for you. So, instead of wasting time with the network streaming feature, download an emulator and then install the Furbo dog camera application on this emulator. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with any additional steps, and the Furbo camera will pair up immediately with the application.

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