Can Echo Spot Play YouTube Or Not? 

can echo spot play youtube
can echo spot play youtube

The display on the Echo Spot unit might not be that great, but you will still enjoy several additional features from the Echo Spot. When compared with the newer Echo Show models, this unit presents a budget-friendly price point, and you won’t have to extend your budget by a huge margin for this purchase.

So, if you’re looking for an additional display for the smart assistant while staying within a limited budget, Echo Spot is for you. While the display on the Echo Spot does help with several actions, owners often struggle to play YouTube on this device. So, let’s cover whether or not Echo Spot can play YouTube.

Can Echo Spot Play YouTube? 

At the moment, there are no direct methods of playing YouTube on the Echo Spot. Even though you can issue a command to play a random video from YouTube, the selection of videos is pretty limited, and you won’t be able to access the platform through the browser directly.

So, the short answer here is that you can not play YouTube on Echo Spot. You should not confuse this device with Echo Show, and you won’t get the same browser access through the Echo Spot unit.

When you ask your Echo Spot to play a YouTube video, this device will queue up the top result, and a random video will start playing. You won’t be able to change the video, and the only options you will have would be the pause, play, and exit features.

Moreover, you won’t have any success with the YouTube playlist even if you specify the video. So, you can’t issue a command to the Echo Spot unit and expect it to play the video you want to watch from YouTube.

While some users have tried to find some workarounds regarding playing YouTube on Echo Spot by tricking the browser, the YouTube interface doesn’t fit the display provided by Echo Spot. So, you won’t be able to find the search bar through the circular display and just struggle with finding the right video with the device. For this reason, you should directly avoid playing the YouTube videos from the Echo Spot unit.

The only thing you can try here is connecting the mobile phone with your Echo Spot device and then using this device as a Bluetooth speaker. However, you won’t get any video on display, and the device will only playback audio from the mobile input. So, you’re better off sticking with other Amazon devices like the Echo Show for your YouTube demands.

Overall, Echo Spot can not play YouTube even when you trick the browser into opening the YouTube website. There are no direct skills available in the Alexa store, and the only thing you can test is using the Echo Spot unit as a playback speaker.

So, keep that in mind if you’ve not yet purchased the unit and need a decent automation assistant for playing YouTube. The price point for the new Echo Show model is not that expensive, and it will bring more features to your smart system.

Can You Play YouTube On Echo Show?

Even though there are no direct skills for YouTube, the Silk and the Firefox browsers will help you access the YouTube platform. The playback from the device won’t be perfect, but you will still be able to watch the specific video that you’d want to stream on YouTube.

So, if you’ve yet to make the purchase decision, going with the newer models of Echo Show that support the Firefox browser would suit you perfectly. These devices will also bring a bigger screen, and you will have access to the complete YouTube UI.

Other than that, the older version of Echo Show also supports YouTube through the Silk browser. However, there have been a few complaints of slow loading times and excessive buffering through this browser. So, if you’re looking for a smooth streaming experience, then going with the Echo Show 15 is the only real option. This device will fit your needs perfectly, and the 15.6-inch screen is perfect for playing YouTube videos. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the annoying notifications on the Echo Show, and this unit can be personalized to fit your requirements.

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