Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV?

Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV
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Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV

Smart Plug is a vital piece of equipment in every smart home. Although their principle of working is quite simple. It is used to simply turn on or off an appliance. However, the way it does that is what makes it such a great device.

A smart plug is controlled by the user using an app installed on his smartphone. In simple words, users can easily turn on and off any appliance remotely, without needing to manually get up and unplug it. Also, for a smart plug to work, you only need to plug it into any wall socket, and then plug the appliance into it. It works with pretty much every smart home appliance.

Can A Smart Plug Turn On A TV

As already mentioned above, smart plugs have made smart homes a lot more convenient than they already are. Remember the hassle of getting up every time you need to turn off an appliance? Well, not anymore as you will have complete control of your appliances in your hand. You can turn them off anytime you want while being anywhere.

Quite a common question asked among smart home users is whether they can use a smart plug with a TV and can it be used to turn it on. The answer to that question is yes, you definitely can. TVs can be easily plugged into a smart plug. As smart plugs can be used with pretty much every electronic device, granted it does not exceed the maximum energy capacity.

However, it is worth mentioning that your TV will always need to be turned on. The moment you turn it off, the smart plug will be pretty much useless. But that is not always the case. This is true only if you have a really old television. Or, it may work with your TV if you have a separate hub that you can use to have full control over the TV and smart plug.

If your TV is fairly new, and you’re confident it comes with smart home compatibility, then smart plugs can be used to turn on a TV. You might ask why you should use a smart plug at all? Well, for starters, it is used to save your power significantly. The other major benefit to using a smart plug is that it will make your device plenty smarter than it already is. These are just some of the benefits that come with using a smart plug.


Can a smart plug turn on your TV? Well, in most cases, yes. But we’d still recommend you to check whether your TV supports such features or not. We have explained how using a smart plug could benefit you and your smart home. There really aren’t any drawbacks to using a smart plug with your TV or any other appliance. It will only benefit you, which is always a good thing.

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