Bissell Little Green Light Green vs Dark Green- The Better Option?

bissell little green light green vs dark green
bissell little green light green vs dark green

If you have a baby or a pet, getting those annoying stains out of the carpet can be pretty frustrating. It will take you hours of scrubbing to get rid of these stains, and you will surely end up damaging the carpet fiber.

For this reason, most experts recommend users go with a reliable carpet cleaner that can keep up with the cleaning demands of any household.

If you’ve been a part of the smart home market for a while, you’ll know that Bissell units dominate the cleaning department.

This brand will consistently outperform the majority of alternatives even with its budget options like Bissell Little Green’s two models, Light Green and Dark Green.

However, customers are often confused about which unit to purchase when browsing the Bissell portfolio. If you’re in the same boat and can’t choose between Bissell Little Green’s two models, then here are some details to help you finalize the purchase decision. 

Bissell Little Green Light Green vs Dark Green 

Bissell Light Green Dark Green (1400m) Light Green (1400b)
Weight 12.2 Pounds 9.7 Pounds
Cord Length 15 Feet 15 Feet
Price ~145$ ~110$
  1. Basic Design

The basic dome light structure is consistent with both models, with the Dark Green model having a bit more bulk. Moreover, the color is also intense with the 1400m model, and you’ll enjoy a clean design from both devices.

The button structure is pretty minimalistic, with the logo on the front of the device right beneath the power button.

Both devices are pretty durable, and there have been no complaints regarding hardware issues so far when it comes to Bissell Little Green, Light Green, and Dark Green.

  1. Cleaning Performance

cleaning performance

When you’re talking about pure suction power and basic cleaning performance, the Dark Green model will always come out on top. The motor runs much faster in this device, and the brush will spin at a much faster pace to get rid of the dirt and stains on your carpet.

This difference might not be significant for most users, but it will make a huge impact if you have to clean the carpets every week. The Dark Green option will not only bring more suction power, but it is also gentle on the carpet fibers, and you’ll enjoy a smoother performance.

  1. Weight

The difference in weight is only a few pounds and pretty insignificant for most users. However, if you have to get through extensive cleaning sessions, the Dark Green model can be a bit harder to handle. The extra two pounds will make a difference in the long run.

So, instead of looking only at cleaning performance, you should prioritize easy handling. For this reason, the Light Green model will come out on top when you’re taking mobility and smaller cleaning sessions.

  1. Customer Response

customer response

The majority of customers have been happier with the Light Green model because of its more affordable price tag. If you’re not dealing with serious stains, then going with this model is the better option.

It is much easier to handle, and you won’t have to worry about the spinning speed. Both of these devices come from the same brand, and there are more similarities than differences between the Light Green and the Dark Green units.

If you prefer maneuverability over suction power, then Light Green is the only logical choice for you. However, if you can’t seem to get the stains out even after light cleaning, then you’ll have to put your money on the pricier option.

  1. Tank Capacity

The tank capacity on the Dark Green model as well as the Light Green model is almost similar to the Dark Green model holding a bit more of the dirty water. The difference here is not enough to impact your purchase decision.

Going with Dark Green over the Light Green model will serve you no benefit here as you’ll have to empty out the tank almost the same number of times when using either one of these devices.

  1. Maintenance


Several customers have pointed out that the Light Green model is easier to maintain and service. While the assembly procedure is almost similar for both models, the Light Green Model is a bit lighter and easy to take apart.

For this reason, the lifespan of the Light Green model is far more than the Dark Green model. This feature also contributes to the better reputation of the Light Green model over the Dark Green option.

  1. Cord Length

The cord length is the same at 15 feet for the Dark Green as well as the Light Green model. The quality and durability of this cord are also the same, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the cable even under rough use.

  1. Warranty


As the manufacturer is the same for both of these models, you’ll get one year of limited warranty with these devices. The dealer support is pretty decent and will have you covered in case of genuine issues with the device.

You can directly reach out to these experts if the device seems to be defective. They will do their best to fix the issue, and you can demand a replacement if the device is clearly damaged. Hopefully, you’ll get a new unit within two to three business days.

So, Which One Should You Purchase?

If you’re only looking for power and decent brush rotation, then going with the Dark Green model will suit you better. This unit is a bit bulky and hard to handle when compared with the Light Green design.

However, if you’re aiming for a lighter structure that is easier to handle, then the Light Green model is for you. The difference in weight might be minimal, but you will feel the added weight over the course of the next few years.

You can further reach out to the experts available at the official support forums for better details. It all comes down to your cleaning requirements, and both devices will serve you perfectly.

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