4 Ways To Fix Amazon Echo Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi After Power Outage

amazon echo will not connect to wifi after power outage
amazon echo will not connect to wifi after power outage

The smart speakers from Amazon are power-dependent and don’t have a backup battery installed in them. Meaning that they will stop working as soon as the power is cut off. Having your Amazon Echo connected to the UPS along with the router will ensure that you don’t run into any issues with automation.

So many users have complained that the Amazon Echo will not connect to Wi-Fi after a power outage. Here is what you can do to get your smart speakers connected to the home network.

How to Fix Amazon Echo Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi After Power Outage?

  1. Reboot Router

It is very rare for your Echo or internet router to run into serious issues after a power outage. Usually, you can just get the Echo to start working with your home network after you reboot the router. That will refresh the network connection between the smart speakers and the router.

To reboot you can access the router setting through the web portal, or simply remove the power from the router and then power it up again after waiting for around 30 seconds. At this point, you should try connecting the Echo speakers to the router and they should be able to establish a secure connection.

  1. Change Credentials

Changing the credentials on your Wi-Fi network can also help you get around the connection problem. First, you will need to ensure that the internet is working on the network by browsing the web on your mobile phone. After that just open up the router settings and change the credentials. Make sure to not use any special characters while setting up the new username and password on your Wi-Fi router.

After changing credentials, you can try connecting the Echo Speakers to the Wi-Fi using the new credentials and that should resolve the connection issue between the speakers and the router.

  1. Check Echo

Sometimes, it is the Echo speakers that are causing this issue and not your home router. This is why you should try rebooting your device if it does not connect to the Wi-Fi network after you have reset the router. You can just power off the device and then power it back on to ensure that it boots up correctly.

Resetting the Echo speakers is also another viable option that you can try for yourself. You can either reset using the mobile app but if the Echo is showing up offline on the mobile application, then you can hold the microphone and volume button to get the device to reset. An Orange LED indicator will signify that the device is resetting and at that stage, you can let go of the buttons.

  1. Amazon Support

In any case, you should always consult with professionals if you are experiencing issues with the device. Amazon support is available 24/7 to help customers sort out any issues that they face while using Amazon products. So, make sure to inform the support team to receive help from them. You can go to the Amazon website to contact the members of the support team.

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