3 Alternatives To Pull Chain Light Fixture

alternative to pull chain light fixture
alternative to pull chain light fixture

Pull Chain Light fixtures have been in trend for quite some time, and they enhanced the enriched feelings for any interior for having a contemporary and classic edge on the overall design. The pull chain light fixtures are also considered to be a viable option since, you don’t need any external wiring to control these with the switch, and they can be turned off or on with a simple pull of that chain that you get attached to these pull chain light fixtures.

As much convenient as it might sound, there are also certain drawbacks that you will have to deal with these, and that includes being directly near to the pull chain light fixture to access the chain and pull it the way you would like to do. That also has certain other issues like there is only a single way to access the control for your light fixture, and if you are unable to get that, you cannot turn those lights off.

That is why, you might be looking to have some alternatives that you can use to the pull chain light fixture and that too without having to deal with the mess of wiring and installation like hassles that you will have to go through otherwise with traditional switches. There are a few options that you can consider, and some of those options are:

Alternatives To Pull Chain Light Fixture

1. Xodus Innovation

Xodus Innovation is one of the cool brands that are offering tons of different futuristic smart home devices that you can possibly be needing to have. That make it a perfect choice for you to have your hands on better switches and a platform to control all the different devices at the same time. Xodus Innovation is the smartest system that you can get, and is also the system with the least hassle and no wiring at all on it. With that in the perspective, you just need to install them right.

Xodus Innovation system comes with a bulb socket and a switch and that is pretty much it. They both are paired together, and you need to install the bulb socket on you hanging light fixture that you have been using with the pull chain fixture first. After that, you will need to make sure that you are installing the switch to the grid where you want it. These two will work wirelessly, and you will be able to use the switch to turn those lights on or off anytime you want it.

2. Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are a great idea in order to make it work, and enjoy the perfection of utility along with having the energy-saving and more. That is why, motion sensors are the perfect choice in order to get the right solution that could easily help you replace the pull chain light fixture that might be out there. That would be allowing you to enjoy a switchless experience along with not needing any such wiring at all.

These motion sensor lights can preserve the energy by turning themselves off if no motion is detected and when the lights are not needed. That is simply the best thing for you to have if you are looking to replace the pull chain light fixture with a more viable solution.

3. Lutron

Lutron is the smart solution that you can choose for basically any needs you can possibly have. That is why you will need to make it work properly for all such light fixtures that are controlled by the pull chain, and not only that, but they have the light controls on them as well. For all such pull chain light fixtures that might be out there having light intensity and power control on them, you will be able to make it all work properly.

Lutron specializes in the lighting control and manufacturing of the best lighting solutions out there in the market. With that in the perspective, you will be able to make sure that you are able to fix up these switches in any place that you would like and also control the brightness, intensity, and turning on and off your lights without having to pull a chain or moving from the place you are at.

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