Add Another Phone to SmartThings (Explained)

add another phone to smartthings
add another phone to smartthings

The smart thing application is quite easy to use and you can manage all your devices quite easily. The Home page consists of all of the different devices that you have linked with the SmartThings hub. You can create groups of lights and do so much more with your smart device.

Initially, it will be difficult to get a general understanding of how the application is supposed to work. Many users are looking to add multiple phones to their smart hub so that they can allow their spouse or kids to access the SmartThings hub.

Add Another Phone to SmartThings

Customers have options available on their SmartThings application to set up different mobile phone devices. That way whenever they’re in the geofence you can get the presence sensors to activate. The procedure is quite simple and all you need is the classic SmartThings application. At this point, the owner should just log in to their account that is linked with the smart hub.

You need to access account settings and you will be able to manage users. From there you just need to invite the person using their email. After you’re done, the person you’re trying to invite will receive an email and they have to follow the instructions mentioned in the email to get their account linked with your smart hub. For the presence sensor to work properly, you need the location services to be activated on both phones.

Another thing to verify while the setup procedure is that the mobile account should be connected to the same location in the smart hub, and you’re all set. Now, just open the application on the new phone and go into presence sensor settings. Just follow the instructions to export settings onto your phone. To verify whether or not the feature is working, you should move your new phone outside the geofence and back into it.

If doing that triggers the actions that you’ve predefined then that means that you have successfully added another phone to SmartThings. Now, there will be 2 triggers that will activate when even one of the authorized users enters the geofence. This feature won’t be accessible unless you have an internet connection available. That way the SmartThings hub will get updates regarding your location and your geofence won’t malfunction.

Presence Sensor Not Working

If the phone is added successfully to the presence sensor but the geofence is still not functioning properly then you should start by resetting the radius of the geofence. However, if that doesn’t get the sensors to start working then you can always remove the new device and add it again to the SmartThings hub,

Lastly, if you’re confused about any step then you can try asking Samsung support. It can take them a bit of time to respond. They will help you sort out any issue that you’re facing. All you have to do is inform them about your issue and they will list different steps that you can use to troubleshoot the given problem.

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