ZooZee Z70 Review- Is It Good?

zoozee z70 review
zoozee z70 review

Finding a decent cleaning robot at an affordable price range can be pretty challenging. While there is no deficiency in cheaper units, the majority of these options will only last you for a couple of months. So, it is mostly better to stick with reputable brands and pay a bit more to get consistent performance from your unit. Going with options like iRobot or Roomba options will suit your needs perfectly if you are not dealing with any budget issues.

Some owners have recently been talking about the amazing value brought forward by the ZooZee Z70. This unit features an elegant design and will outperform most alternatives within the same price range. Here are further details on ZooZee Z70 if you can’t seem to decide on the perfect option.

ZooZee Z70 Review

The unique thing about the ZooZee Z70 is that it will double as an automatic mop and you can schedule mopping cycles after the vacuuming session is complete. This will bring the original shine back to your floor, and you won’t have to worry about smudges or streaks as long as you’re using the recommended solution. However, battery life is a major concern that comes along with this dual feature presentation by ZooZee Z70.

Luckily, this brand didn’t disappoint users in this department, and Z70 features a decent battery pack that will last you multiple cleaning cycles. As long as the power supply is optimal and you’re fully charging the robot, it won’t stop between any vacuuming or mopping sessions. So, keep that in mind if you’re unsure about the battery life brought forward by this device.

The aesthetic and the clean finish of this robot can’t be understated. While it might not seem that relevant to most customers, good portions of buyers prefer to go with devices that bring an amazing design to their smart setup. So, if you’re in the same boat and can’t compromise on the design, ZooZee Z70 has got you covered with one of the best options on the market.

Aside from its feature-rich presentation, buyers will enjoy amazing durability from this robot. It is pretty resilient and will last you for years, even in rough conditions. The temperature impact is minimal on this system, and you won’t have to worry about a rapid decline in the battery life due to harsh conditions. On top of that, the setup is simple and will barely take you a few minutes to pair up the robot. So, you won’t have to call a general contractor or official support to help with the device.

Overall, this robot maintains its reputation because of its amazing battery, decent kids’ mode, extensive list of smart features, simple app layout, scheduling, a durable frame, and elegant design. If that is not enough to help you decide, then make sure to reach out to the official ZooZee dealer, and he will surely help you find the right fit for your cleaning needs. Ideally, this purchase will be more than enough to manage the daily cleaning requirements of your environment, even if you need something to clean massive rooms. So, there is no harm in testing it out if you’re new to the market.

How Does It Compare to Z50?

While there might not seem like many differences between the Z70 and Z50, owners have pointed out the Z50 to be a bit louder than the newer model. Moreover, you won’t enjoy the same number of features and scheduling options as the Z50. So, if you’re not worried about paying a few extra bucks, going with Z70 is almost always the better option. You will enjoy the long-term performance and consistent presence of this machine.

However, one area where Z50 will perform better than Z70 is the battery life. You will get almost 300 minutes of runtime from the Z50 if this unit is fully charged, while the Z70 will only last about 250 minutes. This 250-minute runtime is not really that small by any measure, but you should still go with the Z50 if you’re dealing with massive halls. That way, the robot will be able to get through two full cleaning cycles, including mopping and vacuuming. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with missed sections when cleaning the hall.

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