3 Ways To Fix x10 Lamp Module Not Working

x10 lamp module not working
x10 lamp module not working

If you like studying at your home then you should know how important it is to have a lamp with you. These help you to read carefully without any pressure being exerted on your eyes.  Aside from this, some people might even want to have a lamp as a side piece in their homes. Although, if you keep these running at all times then the light can be a little annoying.

This is where lamp modules come in, which can be used to adjust the light your lamps are providing. You can even connect other bulbs in your home with these modules and then control all of them through the same hub.

The X10 lamp module is a similar device that is easy to use. However, recently some people have reported that their X10 lamp module is not working. If this happens to you as well then here are some ways that you can use to troubleshoot.

How to Fix x10 Lamp Module Not Working?

  1. Weak Signals

The most common reason for getting this error is that your module is not receiving proper signals. This usually happens when either your lamps or the system is placed too far apart from each other. Alternatively, there might be stuff between these devices that are blocking the signals coming from them. The only way to fix this issue is by bringing the system closer to your lamps.

Aside from this, you can try moving out objects that are between these devices. In some cases, if there are rugs in your home then these can absorb the signals coming from the module. You can place the system in a higher area to prevent this. If you are having problems with the cable being too short. Then you can try using an extension on the module to extend its range.

  1. Distortion Noise

Just like the signals being too weak, another reason can be that there is too much distortion in these signals. This usually happens when you use a lot of smart home devices in your home. You can prevent this by switching off the systems that are not required.

For people who want to control all their devices through modules. One solution is to purchase a hub that can connect all of these devices to one platform. You can then easily control all of them without having to worry about any noise in the signals.

  1. Faulty Equipment

If you have recently purchased the equipment or the steps mentioned above did not work out for you then your module system might be faulty. You can contact X10 and provide them with all the details about your issue.

They should most likely be able to identify the exact reason and give you a solution. If the device has gone bad then you will be required to send it back to the company for repairs. Sometimes if the lamp module is under warranty, X10 can even give you a free replacement. However, you must go through the guidelines for their warranty services beforehand.

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