11 Fixes For Wyze Vacuum Mapping Issues

wyze vacuum mapping issues
wyze vacuum mapping issues

If you’re having trouble with your WYZE Vacuum not mapping properly, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

How to Fix Wyze Vacuum Mapping Issues?

  1. Place Vacuum in Correct Location

Check to see if your vacuum is placed in the correct location. To map correctly, the vacuum must be in an open area with a clear view of the entire room. If the vacuum is too close to a wall or piece of furniture, it may not be able to map the room correctly. If the vacuum is in the correct location and you still have issues, try moving the base station to a different location. Sometimes the base station can interfere with the mapping process if placed in a certain spot.

  1. Clear Obstructions

If your vacuum gets stuck in one spot, it is likely because an object is in the way. Clear any obstacles from the vacuum’s path so it can move freely around the room.

  1. Update Firmware

If you still have issues with your vacuum not mapping correctly, Check for updates to the firmware. You can update the firmware from the settings menu on the WYZE app.

  1. Check the Brushes

If your vacuum is not cleaning in straight lines, the first thing you should check is the brushes. Make sure that the brushes are clean and free of any debris. If the brushes are clogged, they will not be able to rotate properly.

  1. Check the Wheels

If the wheels are not working properly, the vacuum will not move in a straight line. Make sure the wheels are not clogged and can rotate freely. You may need to replace the wheels if they are damaged.

  1. Check the Bin

If your vacuum is not picking up debris, you should first empty the bin. The bin can fill up quickly, especially if you have a lot of carpeting in your home. To empty the bin, press the release button and pull out the bin. Empty the contents into the trash and press the release button to close the bin.

  1. Check for Blockages

There may be a blockage in the system. To check for blockages:

  1. Open up the bottom panel of the vacuum.
  2. Locate the brushes and make sure that they are not tangled. If the brushes are tangled, you can untangle them by hand.
  3. Check the area around the roller for any debris. If you find a blockage, you can remove it with a pair of pliers.
  4. Check the hose for any blockages. If you find a blockage in the hose, you can remove it with a wire hanger.
  1. Replace the Filter

If your vacuum is not picking up debris, you may need to replace the filter. The filter becomes clogged over time and will need to be replaced. To replace the filter:

  1. Open up the bottom panel of the vacuum and locate the filter.
  2. Remove the old filter and insert a new one.
  3. Ensure the new filter is properly seated before closing the bottom panel.
  1. Clean the Sensors

If your vacuum is still not mapping correctly, you may need to clean the sensors. The sensors can become dirty over time and will need to be cleaned. To clean the sensors:

  1. Open up the bottom panel of the vacuum and locate the sensors.
  2. Use a cotton swab to remove any debris from the sensors.
  3. Do not damage the sensors while you are cleaning them.
  1. Check the Filters

If the bin is empty and the vacuum is still not picking up debris, the next thing you should check is the filters. The filters may be clogged with debris and need to be replaced. To unclog the filters, soak them in warm water for about 20 minutes. Clean the sensors on the vacuum. The sensors can get dirty and cause the vacuum to have trouble mapping the room. To clean the sensors, use a soft cloth dampened with distilled water. Wipe the entire vacuum body with a soft cloth to remove dust or debris.

  1. Replace the Battery

The battery may need to be replaced if your vacuum is not operational. A new battery can be ordered from the WYZE website. When ordering a new battery, select the correct model for your vacuum.

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