4 Ways To Fix Wyze Cam Won’t Scan QR Code

Wyze Cam Won't Scan QR Code
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Wyze Cam Won’t Scan QR Code

Wyze cam has several features that make it stand out and turns out pretty effective for any sorts of objectives that you might have in your mind. Normally the QR codes work flawlessly with the Wyze cams and you need to scan the QR code to get your Wyze cam setup successfully. However, sometimes it might not work occasionally, and here is how you can have this fixed.

How to Fix Wyze Cam Won’t Scan QR Code?

1. Think Out of the Box

Sometimes, you need to be creative with the troubleshooting tricks and techniques as your traditional methods are not that good and cannot solve the problem either. One simple solution if the QR code is not being scanned is to try different directions on it. You can try rotating it horizontally or even upside down and that will work for you most of the time. There are multiple factors that are involved behind this like camera mirroring and more so, you must give it a try as this is one of the most effortless methods and you can make your Wyze cam work after this without any issues at all.

2. Restart Camera

Sometimes there is some sort of minor error or bug on the camera that might not be able to scan the QR code and you can have it cleared out by performing a simple power cycle on your Wyze cam. Just turn the Wyze camera off using the power button and turn it on again after a minute or two. Most likely your problem will be resolved after this and you will be able to scan the QR code now that you were having an error with earlier.

3. Clean the Lens

Since the QR code has multiple patterns and markings, it will not be easy to scan for the camera if there are some dust particles or humidity on the camera lens. Needless to say, that QR codes are scanned at a significant distance so the lens matters a ton in this matter. Clean off your camera lens with a damp clean cloth or some wipe that is safe for electronics. You can also use tissue paper and any glass cleaner product and that will fix the issue for you most of the time with QR code scanning on Wyze cams.

4. Reset Camera

If you are unable to make it work after trying all of the solutions above, it is time for you to reset the camera to its default settings. Mentioning this in the last has a significant reason behind it as you will lose all the camera data and settings and you will need to set it up from scratch. But as a last resort, this would serve you greatly and once you have properly reset your camera and optimized the settings again, you will be able to scan those QR codes on Wyze cam without any issues that were causing problems before.

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