6 Best Switcheroo Alternatives For You To Choose

switcheroo alternative
switcheroo alternative

Switcheroo is one of the most convenient options when it comes to optimizing the utility switches without spending too much money. The easy installation and seamless integration with all light switches have captured the interest of many owners. You will further benefit from a lifetime warranty, and you can easily upgrade the system by adding more senders and receivers in your home.

The only issue with this device is the availability of the unit. You will struggle to find a dealer with fresh pieces of switcheroo. So, the customers have started to shift towards Switcheroo alternatives recently. If you’re in a similar situation, then the following alternatives will help.

Switcheroo Alternatives

  1. SwitchFlip

SwitchFlip is the closest alternative to Switcheroo, which brings the same features to the owners. Even though you won’t get the same customization options with the SwitchFlip, it is just as easy to configure with the devices. So, make sure to go with this option if you’re trying to save budget and don’t really care for the Wi-Fi integrations, then SwitchFlip is the only option.

However, if you’re not too worried about the price point, then it is better to extend the budget and go with smarter units that can be integrated with your smart application.

  1. Tradfri Gateway

Tradfri is a great option from IKEA when it comes to optimizing the lighting installed in your system. While the installation of this system is not as simple as Switcheroo, you will benefit from far better customization features from the light clusters. On top of that, you can use the mobile app to increase convenience further.

With Tradfri Gateway, you will be spending more on the unit, but it is much better to stick with options like Tradfri for better scaling in the long run. So, save up some money and go with this gateway if you are looking for more personalized options.

  1. Kasa Plug

The Kasa Plug is one of the oldest players when it comes to smart outlets. This option is smarter than the Switcheroo outlet, and you will need to rely on a stable connection as well as Wi-Fi to get the desired performance. So, as long as you have a stable connection in your household, there is no better option in the market.

The outlet pricing is quite reasonable, but you will have to go through a few installation procedures to get the lighting connected to this plug. However, it will outperform the Switcheroo option when you’ve installed the unit.

  1. Wyze Smart

Similar to Kasa, Wyze smart switches have been in the market as an affordable option. You won’t get the same affordability factor as Switcheroo, but you will still be saving a lot of money when comparing the price with other options mentioned here. So, go with Wyze smart if you’re low on budget but still need a solid, smart outlet for your home.

As a Switcheroo alternative, the only issue with this unit is the integration of the light switches with the system. Other than that, you can get better control options and more features from the Wyze smart products.

  1. Wemo Switch

The Wemo has recently differentiated itself in the market with the most customizable smart plugs in the industry. You can easily link up these systems with the existing smart assistants like Apple Homekit, IFTTT, Alexa, and Google. In terms of compatibility, this outperforms the majority of other options in the market. So, go with Wemo when you’re looking for better control through voice commands. It will fit right into your smart ecosystem once you have configured it with the main hub or smart assistant.

  1. GE Smart

GE is not an established brand in the market, but that doesn’t mean you will get poor performance from this system. In terms of basic features, you won’t be running into any extensive issues, and the price point is also decent. On top of that, the warranty policy offered by this brand will further add to the purchase security. So, go with GE smart if you want to avoid the complex configurations and keep things simple. All in all, SwitchFlip is the closest alternative to Switcheroo, but you will still get decent value from other options mentioned here.

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