Can You Use The Sonos Arc Without Sub? (Answered)

sonos arc without sub
sonos arc without sub

The Sonos Arc is an exceptional device that helps complete your home audio experience. Through this fantastic soundbar, you can add more immersion to your audio output.

However, users who want to add in extra depth and clarity to their audio might want to opt for extra speakers or subwoofer. In this regard, we get a lot of users asking questions about Sonos Arc without the Sub. If you have the same thing in your mind, then here are all the things that you will need to know about:

Can You Use The Sonos Arc Without Sub?

In case you are wondering if you could just use the Sonos Arc without any additional subwoofer, then yes, there shouldn’t be any problems. In fact, the subwoofer is just something that you could add on top of the Sonos Arc for an enhanced audio experience.

So, while the Sonos Arc can perform well on its own, you don’t necessarily need a Sonos Sub to go along with the Arc. If you are on a tight budget, you could just go with the Sonos Arc and not worry about a thing.

Is the Sonos Arc Good on Its Own?

While it’s true that having a Sub isn’t a must, the question still remains as to whether the Sonos Arc performs well on its own or not. To answer this particular question, you will first need to determine the kind of use you will be putting your Sonos System in.

If you want a minimalistic setup and don’t really care about getting the absolute best out of the audio, the Sonos Arc should serve you well. It is worth mentioning that the Sonos Arc comes as a full surround system which is why it can handle most of the audio that you will play on it without needing any extra device.

In fact, the Sonos Arc was designed to give you a near immersive sound experience as you can get with the minimum setup involved. All it requires is to simply link your device directly to the TV using cables that come with the device. Besides this, you just need to put the device on top of your table.

Should You Use Sub with Arc?

If you are still confused about getting the Sub with your Arc, then that purely depends on your budget and preference. Using a Sonos Sub with the Arc will surely give you a massive improvement over how your home theatre sounds, and you also get the option of adding another Sub which may be overkill for a few users.

But if you want to improve over how your Sonos Arc sounds, then going for an additional Sub will definitely give you exactly what you want. However, do keep in mind that this is bound to cost you quite a few bucks.

So, unless spending the extra cash isn’t a problem for you, upgrading to a Sub along with your Sonos Arc is definitely worth considering. Also, if you are someone who lives in a small apartment, then you might not want the upgrade.

Depending on your living space, getting the Sub will definitely have a huge impact. While there’s a big difference between using the standalone Arc and using the Sub with Arc, it will still depend on factors like the place you are living in, your preference, and what kind of things you like to play on your home theatre. Once you have all that determined, you should be able to make the decision of whether you want to use the Sub or not.

The Bottom Line:

Have no idea about using the Sonos Arc without the Sub? Even though you should still be able to get a good time using the Arc without any additional speakers, using a Sub will give you a significant improvement. So, it’s completely up to you. Still, we recommend reading through the above article if you are having a hard time deciding.

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