4 Quick Fixes To Somfy Blinds Not Working

somfy blinds not working
somfy blinds not working

Blinds and shades are of critical importance for any home, workspace, or any other windows that you might be having for blocking out the unwanted lights, or at times for ensuring privacy. We have been seeing curtains being used for a wider part of our history, but things are being evolved as we move forward, and these blinds are somehow the perfect thing to go for if you are looking to enjoy the right edge of all those features with having modern and minimalistic interior at the same time.

But the minimalizations are not all that we as humans crave, and we also need to get the right convenience on these modernistic interior designs to be enjoying the right experience with any of the needs that we might be having. Somfy blinds are one such solution since they are motorized blinds and you can easily control them with one click of a switch to be folded or unfolded and call it a day without having to worry about anything at all.

That definitely adds a ton to the convenience factor and you will definitely be enjoying them for all the different applications that you might want to use them for. However, being reliant on them and then suddenly realizing that they are not working for some reason, you will have to face certain inconveniences. A few things that you can try out if it is not working properly are:

Fixing Somfy Blinds Not Working:

1. Check The Switch

The first thing that you will need to make sure you are checking and fixing is the switch. The switch might not be working properly, and you will have to get that fixed up properly to ensure that you are able to make it work. The switch might be getting stuck due to some dust or gunk getting stuck inside it and that is why it might not be working out properly.

Or, the switch might have gone loose, and that could be another reason for the Somfy blinds not working. That is why figuring out if there are any problems with the switch and fixing them up in the right manner should be getting the job done for you and you will not have to face any problems in the future either.

2. Check Wiring

You also need to make sure that the wiring is properly installed and not damaged or has some short circuit on it. The short circuits could turn out really bad for you, and they will not only affect the proper functioning of your somfy blinds, but can also be big trouble to damage your other equipment such as motors, railings and more.

So, you will need to fix up if you find any such problems on your wiring and that will be helping you out in order to ensure that you can get the job done properly without having to face any further issues or problems at all on the wiring.

3. Check Motors

Now, you will also need to check your motors if they are working fine. At times, the motors might be getting stuck, or they could not be working properly due to some problems with the connections on them. The motors need to be in proper health, not have anything stuck on their rotors and the gears should be aligned and working properly as well. Checking the motors will be giving you the right experience that you must be seeking, and if you find any problems on the motors, you will need to get them replaced by Somfy to avoid any problems in the future.

4. Check Railings

Lastly, if everything else checks out, you will need to inspect the railings carefully and ensure that there is no such problem at that end either. The railings need to be perfectly aligned, and not only that but they also need to have no clogging or dust accumulated on them either.

It is pretty easy to handle and you just need to carefully clean the railings so your blinds can move properly on them. Taking care of that will eliminate all the different possibilities that might be stopping your railings from working out properly and you will be able to make them work all the same without any such problems.

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  1. I have blinds that were working when I moved in, but have had some work done, and I might be missing some pieces. I’m
    Not sure the switch is still here. I have the remote, but nothing works. Where would the switch be located, and can I get a list of parts, that are required to make this work. I’m pretty sure there are parts missing. Thank You


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