3 Ways To Fix Roomba Virtual Wall Not Working

roomba virtual wall not working
roomba virtual wall not working

Roomba is one of the most popular robots in the whole world that is used to help people be able to clean their house automatically. It is a smart vacuum cleaner through which you can easily clear out all dirt and debris on your floor.

How to Fix Roomba Virtual Wall Not Working?

Although using Roomba is incredibly basic, we have still been receiving various reports from users that they have been experiencing difficulties while trying to use the virtual wall feature. According to them, the feature called virtual wall is not working in Roomba.

For those of you who are unaware of what it basically is, it smartly creates a virtual wall in a place that helps you in giving better control at what places do you need to be cleaned. In this article, we will be helping all the users that have been facing issues with such a problem. You can find everything mentioned down below:

  1. Try Installing New Batteries

The main source of power for a Roomba device is batteries. In this case, it could be that you are currently experiencing issues with your device due to having old or dried-out batteries.

In order to fix this, what you will have to do is to install brand new batteries on your Roomba. Doing so should help recover most of the functionalities that you have lost.

  1. Ensure You Have Set the Virtual Wall Correctly

Most people don’t seem to know this, but in order to set a virtual wall, you will have to turn the position up and make sure that the light rings on the top pulse 5 times while your device is switched on. If you don’t see any light illuminating, then it could be that you are in need of a new Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier.

You can also try placing the Virtual wall right outside the place or doorway which you want to block. Just ensure that the arrow is above the virtual wall.

  1. Nearby Interference

Another really common reason why you might be facing this issue could be due to possible interference. In any case, what you will have to check is that there are no bases or virtual walls near you already.

Ideally, you would want to make sure that no such thing is placed under 8ft of the Roomba.

The Bottom Line

Ever wonder why Roomba virtual wall is not working? Ensure that you follow the set of instructions that we have mentioned in this article. All of the instructions are written in a format that is incredibly easy to follow. All you have to do is to follow them in the order that we have mentioned.

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  1. I have 2 virtual walls that suddenly just stopped working. I replaced the batteries and the light will not come on on either tower. I use them almost daily, so there is no green gunk from all the batteries. The towers are clean. The connections are clean. Do they just die?


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