Roav Viva Pro vs Roav Viva- Which One?

roav viva pro vs roav viva
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roav viva pro vs roav viva

There is no doubt that Alexa is one of the many advancements that we can see in smart technology. As Alexa comes fully compatible with most devices, it can be used in order to have voice control over plenty of devices. Roav Viva is one similar device that it can be used with.

Compare Roav Viva Pro vs Roav Viva:

Roav Viva and Roav Viva Pro are two popular devices that can be plugged directly into your car. Using the device, the user can successfully make his car smarter by allowing Alexa’s integration into the car.

However as both devices deliver almost the same thing, most users can’t help deciding which one of them should they go for. Today, we will be focusing on comparing Roav Viva Pro vs Roav Viva, going through each and every important aspect of both these devices. Here is everything to know!

  1. Navigation Options

Navigation is one of the most important things you may need while driving a car. Being able to navigate through places is a blessing in disguise while driving. Luckily, both options come with full navigation options as the user can easily reach his destination by following the shortest path possible.

Both Roav Viva as well as the Roav Viva Pro come with different navigation and driving options. You can easily use apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps which are all excellent options for navigation.

  1. Connectivity Features

Connectivity is another important aspect of the device as the functionality of the whole device depends on whether it is able to connect properly. Having more options on how you connect the device is always appreciated.

Here the Roav Viva Pro seems to take the lead as it has a lot more connectivity options when compared to the base model. Namely, you can expect to have Bluetooth, iOS Carplay, Android Auto, Aux Port, or FM Transmission. On the other hand, the base model only seems to have Bluetooth, iOS Carplay, and Android Auto.

  1. Microphone and Ports

The microphone is an important feature present in the device as the user will mostly be using voice commands while driving in his car. This is only possible through a microphone. Even the base model comes with 2 microphones to give the user more accessibility.

However, the base model still seems to fall flat as the Pro variant comes with 4 microphones. On top of that, both devices seem to have the same number of USB ports. Also, other important features, such as Alexa integration, Power options, as well as Turn-by-Turn direction are present on both these devices.

  1. Pricing

When it comes to features, it is clear that the Roav Viva Pro is the winner. However, pricing is one of the few aspects where the base model takes the win. While it does have less number of features, it also has a much less price compared to the Pro version.

So, if pricing is one of your concerns, then the Roav Viva might be the device to go for.

  1. User Review

Lastly, before we conclude our comparison, it is important that we take a look at what the users have to say about both these devices. Most of the users seem to prefer both the devices as there really isn’t any difference between them except the microphone and extra connectivity options.

Still, some users did opt for the Pro version, as the price difference really isn’t that much while they get more options and features. Similarly, some preferred to go for the base version as the extra features were mostly unneeded.

The Bottom Line:

Comparing Roav Viva Pro vs Roav Viva, it really comes down to personal preference and how you would like to use the device. Surely there are some extra options if you do decide to go for the Roav Viva Pro, but you will have to first determine whether you even have a use for them or not. If not, then you are better off saving a few bucks and go for the base model instead.

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