5 Ways To Fix Ring Doorbell Overheating

ring doorbell overheating
ring doorbell overheating

Ring doorbells have now become great security devices for your home. The good thing about these doorbells is that you don’t have to pay any additional fees to access the streaming feature.

There is still a paid plan available that offers more features and advanced protection, but you can access all the standard features for free on your Ring application.

So, depending upon your security needs, you can upgrade your plan or use the free services.

Many customers have been reporting issues with their Ring doorbell overheating. If you’re in the same situation, then follow these steps.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Overheating?

  1. Check Transformer

To fix the overheating issues, you need to start by checking the transformer if your video doorbell is hardwired. It is common for faulty transformers to cause overheating issues for your Ring doorbell.

Make sure that you’re using a reliable transformer in line with your doorbell and that the power input is within the recommended limits.

ring doorbell

Most of the time, the doorbell will inform you if the power exceeds a certain limit. However, it is still better to use a multimeter to double-check the power going into your doorbell.

The power requirements may vary depending upon the model of doorbell you’ve bought for your smart home.

So, use the owner’s manual to find the power requirements. If the power output is outside the recommended limits, then replace the transformer to fix the overheating issue.

  1. Use Shade

If there is nothing wrong with the transformer and your doorbell is just heating because of daily weather, then you’ll need to relocate your doorbell or use something to provide shade to your doorbell.

shade door

Otherwise, the doorbell will start malfunctioning because of the extreme weather, and there is a chance that it can get permanently damaged.

So, to avoid that outcome, you can use a hat or something else to cover up the doorbell during the hottest part of the day.

Simply moving the doorbell to a cooler location would be a more practical solution, and you won’t have to bother with covering up the doorbell daily.

You also won’t have to worry about any downtime if you relocate the doorbell to a different location.

  1. Change Faceplate

If you’re using the newer version of the Ring video doorbell, then you can also improve your overheating issue by changing the faceplate. If you’ve currently installed the black or any other dark plate, then it would be better to shift to the silver faceplate.

You can just lift the bottom part up and away from the doorbell to remove the faceplate. Then attach the new faceplate and then check if there are any improvements to your overheating issues.

  1. Get New Batteries

At this stage, the issue might just be with the batteries. Over time, the performance of the batteries can deteriorate. This is especially true if the environmental conditions are extreme. So, you will have to get a replacement.

new battery

If you’ve recently installed a replacement and these issues presented themselves in the Ring doorbell, then the problem might be related to the compatibility of your battery.

So, make sure to reach out to the dealer or go through the compatibility list yourself.

You won’t have to deal with these issues when the battery is decent. You shouldn’t go cheap with the new battery pack. Otherwise, you will keep running into complications with the battery pack.

  1. Seek Help From Official Support

However, if you don’t live in extreme weather conditions, then you should ask Ring support about the overheating issue.

If you’ve recently bought this video doorbell, then you can claim a replacement if you believe that there is something wrong with the doorbell.

Customer Support

But if the heating issue is because of the extreme weather, then the only option you have is to try and place the doorbell in a shaded area.

It all comes down to your environmental conditions. So, make sure to evaluate the basic installation condition or hire an expert to help with the doorbell. Hopefully, that will be it when it comes to overheating problems.

Do You Really Need A Ring Doorbell?

A common question that most owners have is whether or not they actually need to install a Ring Doorbell in their house.

If you’re in a similar situation, and can’t decide on this security unit, then here are a few reasons to help you with more perspective.

Improved Security – With comprehensive motion detection features and quick alerts, Ring Doorbell will bring better security to your home.

The consistency of this device is far better than the majority of smart cameras on the market. So, if you’re looking for security, Ring has got you covered.

ring phone

Pricing – Ring is one of the most affordable smart doorbells on the market. With some models being close to the 80-dollar price range, you won’t have to extend your budget for this machine.

Aside from the pricing, this brand does maintain the top spot in the security doorbell market.

Communication – The audio quality here is on another level. Even the most innovative doorbells like Nest don’t offer the same communication features. So, you’ll struggle to secure the same performance as any other device.

Remote Access – With Ring, you will be able to pair up the smart system with a compatible lock. From there, it is pretty easy to forward commands to the lock.

The Ring app will direct commands to unlock or lock the front door. This will further add to the convenience of your smart home.

Should You Purchase Ring Subscription?

The 10-dollar subscription fee is not that affordable when you compare it with other security services. However, you can still rely on the basic Ring Protect plan for three dollars.

Most users prefer to go with the basic plan and avoid the 100-dollar-per-year fee brought forward by Protect Plus.

You will get features like video sharing and screenshot capture with the basic plan. These features are well worth the investment.


However, if you’re not that worried about the price point, then there is no harm in going with the 100-dollar-per-year Protect Plus package.

With the Protect Plus package, you will enjoy a better warranty deal and professional monitoring at all times.

Moreover, there are cellular backup features available for Protect Plus members. So, if you’ve yet to decide on the plan and want professional monitoring, go with Protect Plus.

Recent reports show that only a minor portion of owners go with the Protect Plus plan.

The basic alerts through the standard plan are enough to help you through most days. However, if you’re in a high-risk zone, it might be a smart idea to choose Protect Plus.

It all comes down to your living conditions and how much you’re willing to spend. If your neighborhood is safe, there is no need to go overboard with the subscription purchase.

However, if you’re not worried about cash and live in a high-risk region, the Project Plus plan is for you.

ring setup

You can cancel the subscription at any time, and you’ll be able to save almost 20 percent if you go with the yearly subscription. So, if you have a hundred dollars to spare this week, there is no harm in going with the Ring Protect Plus plan.

Wrapping Up

The issue with the Ring system overheating is not that rare. Usually, it is the environmental conditions that are behind this problem.

However, if you’ve installed the Ring in a poorly insulated region, then you will also run into the same errors. So, choose a suitable region for your Ring doorbell.

On the other hand, you need to check the power supply to the unit. If the power supply is not optimal, you need to also limit these errors. Even if the doorbell is installed in a shaded region, it won’t hold up against power-related errors.

All you have to do is to replace the battery, fix the wiring, and find a suitable region for the doorbell. That would mostly be it when it comes to doorbell-related errors.

However, you can also try going through other methods, like resetting the doorbell, to further isolate the problem.

This doorbell is the market standard when it comes to smart security devices. It is affordable, offers decent features, and is easy to install. So, there is no need to go with any other brands when buying a video doorbell for your home.

With that said, you can also choose a subscription plan to add to the security of your house.

If you do wish to extend your budget, the Protect Plus plan will keep your house monitored 24/7. So, you can rest easy even when you‘re living in a high-risk region.

Hopefully, you will have an amazing time with this doorbell!

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