3 Ways To Fix Playbulb App Not Working

playbulb app not working
playbulb app not working

Playbulb X is a popular app through which users are allowed to have control over the lights in their house. The user can benefit from being able to use a wide variety of options which include being able to choose from different lighting color options.

How to Fix Playbulb App Not Working?

We have been receiving various complaints from users about facing a particular issue while trying to use the Playbulb application. According to most of the users, whenever they try to access the Playbulb X app, it is not working at all.

As a result, they can’t use the application due to which they can’t really control their lights. This is why today; we will be taking a look at all the ways on how you can fix the problem for good. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Check if Any Other Device is Connected

There is a possibility that the reason why your app is not working with your bulb is that some other device may already be connected to the bulb. If that is true, then there could be some sort of interference causing the bulb to not work.

What you can do is disconnect the bulb from your smartphone. In order to efficiently do this, you can simply disable Bluetooth on your smartphone. This should successfully remove all the devices connected to your bulb.

  1. Try Reinstalling App

If you can’t seem to even be able to open the application, then it is highly likely that your app could be acting up. In this case, you will have to try and reinstall the application as it can help in eliminating any type of bugs.

We also recommend that you access your phone settings and go to the Applications tab. Under these settings, you should be able to locate the Playbulb X app. Tap on the app, and delete the app and cache files. Keep in mind that doing so will make you go through the setup all over again.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

The last thing that you will need to check is your internet connection. Chances are that there could be something wrong with your internet connection due to which you are now experiencing difficulties. We suggest that you try running an internet speed test to determine the bandwidth speed you are setting.

If you are really facing any type of issue with your internet, be sure to contact your ISP as they can help resolve your internet issues for you.

The Bottom Line:

Here are the 3 different ways on how you can fix the issue for good. All the instructions to every single troubleshooting step are attached in the article. Follow them for a quick fix!

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